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Salut, I’m Menellia. A 30something Caribbean based lifestyle content creator inspiring self-improvement, balanced living, & self-expression through style. Through videos and written blog content, I share tips and insights to help you navigate into what I like to call "elegant success". I hope you enjoy this little look into my life and my thoughts!

p.s I have created an array of self-study courses and workshops inside the learning atelier, that allows you to improve your self-confidence, soft skills and live with daily intention and pleasure without pressure. Bonjour, welcome.

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You have a vision, but the pain and depletion seem to always lead the way. Which keeps you feeling stuck, forgotten, and what feels like torture.

You're hiding in your behind your dreams instead of activating them. You're accepting mediocrity in relationships, work & your self care. You have an ugly relationship with money & holding unto pennies for fear that you will suffer financially. And you're sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching whilst going to bed every night wondering what if?

What if you could create a better life for yourself? What if you no longer discounted your rates? What if you dared to be available for more wealth, health, happiness, and freedom in your life?

You want newness. Open a new chapter. But fear overwhelms every time you choose to take a step forward because it's been your blueprint for decades. 

Here, you will not only receive inspiration but effective guidance & tools to unlock your new life and your new world.

Here you will feel supported on your course of connecting the gap between where you are now & where you want to be, without pressure.

Are you ready to navigate your new compass? START WITH THE 4 STEP BLUEPRINT. "CLICK HERE"!

You're Now The Driver's Seat!

your journey up until this point might have not been the best...BUR

Founded in 2021

must have spring dresses

Spring & Summer are just around the corner, so here are some must have spring pieces to brighten up your wardrobe and life.

Featured Post

How to look effortlessly chic

We often put more emphasis and effort into how we dress and our self-image when we’re presenting ourselves to the world. But what about ourselves? Meaning, what about putting the effort into our daily attire at home, when lounging, or even for sleeping.

We all what to look good. Why not look good always? Or rather, look effortlessly chic.

Featured Post

habits that will change your life

Ready to start changing your life in 2021? Then this video where I share the 6 lessons and tips that I learned the hard way in 2020 may be of help. Because these tips brought me closer to a happier approach to life.

Featured Post

I love spas, self-maintenance, and pampering my body. Having these done every week can be expensive. So when I discovered ways to create my at-home spa days, it became a regular part of my routine. If you are currently on a budget but you’ve been wanting to incorporate a self-care and self-maintenance routine, this video […]

How To Create Your Own At-Home Spa Day.

Have you been wondering how you could add more pleasure to your everyday life? Do you feel a lack of romance & oo la la in your daily routine?

Let’s talk about self-care, and building a business. Entrepreneurship can be exciting but also stressful as it can have a told on our self-care.

Though this year took a turn of events, it doesn’t mean that the holiday season must be forgotten. I think that it’s the one occasion we can redeem some level of joy before we close the Jumanji game of 2020, and what better way to do so than with PRACTICAL gift giving.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

There are many positive life-changing habits we can adopt as we grow but if you’re not sure where to begin, let’s change that.

Positive Life changing habits

Transforming your life completely & changing your reality can be challenging especially when everything seems to be going wrong. There is a trick & in this coaching video replay, I share how to change your reality with ease. You should know that there is no one size fits all solution when it comes to cultivating […]

Transforming your life completely

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