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I'm A Caribbean Lady,  Lifestyle Content Creator, Francophile & Lover Of Café Jazz "All Throughout The Day" . Welcome To My Haven, Where You Will Find Curated Content On , Lifestyle & Self Development. Start Below.

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Lifestyle Content Creator. I'm a Caribbean lady, self proclaimed lifestyle connoisseur, Francophile and lover of café jazz "all throughout the day". 

With a photo journalistic approach, This space was curated as an inspiration hub for the ambitious woman desiring to infuse everyday pleasure, direction, passion & energy into her life through style, personal mastery, and intentional living.

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I have never had a skincare regimen apart from the weekend masking. I never moisturized, massaged, steamed, nor pay attention to the products I used. That was until a skin reaction to I don’t know what a few years ago, that left my confidence feeling attacked.

In a video game or a job, to level up would require your character to acquire some skills, points, strength, and other attributes, or else they would keep repeating the same round. That’s what life is almost all about; a game of leveling up, and sadly, not everyone does.

Life lessons I learned as a coach and blogger.

After 10 years in the online space of blogging & 3 years coaching women online here are 4 life lessons I learned as a coach and blogger.

Paris Taught Me To Level Up!

I thought that going to Paris for the first time would be life changing, and it was, but not in the way that I expected. Here’s what happened.

Beating insomnia and sleeping better at night.

Suffering from insomnia? Waking every hour throughout the night? In this post, I share a few tips to help you finally have a great night’s rest.

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We often put more emphasis and effort into how we dress and our self-image when we’re presenting ourselves to the world. But what about ourselves? Meaning, what about putting the effort into our daily attire at home, when lounging, or even for sleeping.

We all what to look good. Why not look good always? Or rather, look effortlessly chic.

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As Sunrise breaks in the new year, the urge and pressure to become our best versions of ourselves peaks. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our lives, refine our self-image and elevate ourselves to another level, the energy in the process is what makes the difference.

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Vibrate Higher

What is it that you’re missing in your life right now, & how are you keeping it out? I learned as a sociology student many years ago that babies’ brains are like sponges. They absorb everything during the development stage and mimic it.

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Allowing discomfort for change.

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There are many life success lessons to know, but in this post, here are 3 life success lessons every woman should master now.

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3 Life lessons every woman should learn before 30

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Looking back at the last 7 years the most challenging and I want to share with you 2 mindset lessons That changed my life! They might help your level up. 

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2 Mindset Lessons That Changed My Life!

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So if you take away one lesson from MY STORY, let it be “allow the process”. Whatever you’re going through, stop reacting to it. Stop reacting to life hoping that it will align itself and instead learn to respond in a chic way.

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Create Possibilities From My Challenges

Vibrate Higher

On my second trip to Paris, I was not fully prepared. It was my first time traveling to a non-tropical climate, I’d done some research, bought a good coat, boots, but that wasn’ t enough. I got sick during my first minute stepping off the plane and spent my first week hacking away and fighting what felt like deathly pneumonia. I even remembered jumping from my sleep one night after my sister shoved me so hard just to make sure that I wasn’t dead because I wasn’t responding apparently. What did I not do right…. Prepare. Now, on any trip that I’ve taken, I’ve always prepared. I mean spreadsheets and all, where will I stay, saving money, do I have the right clothes for temperature etc.

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Vibrate Higher

I've have tried many business tools as both a blogger and lifestyle mentoring over the years to help manage & grow my brand. Some have been epic fails, and some I just love.

From building your mailing list to growing on Pinterest, these tools listed here are some of my favourites & I actively use them daily. Note that some of these contain affiliate links, therefore; if you sign up using my referral I will be paid a commission at no extra cost to you. 

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To create a life you've never had, you must become someone you've never been. To do so, you must commit to courage & ditch self sabotaging thoughts, patterns and habits to create the space to receive. 

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