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So you’re ready for your life breakthrough correct? Sick and tired of going in circles, remaining in the gap, and ready for the next chapter? Today I share my experience & the one ingredient needed for an iconic life breakthrough.

life breakthrough

On my second trip to Paris, I was not fully prepared. It was my first time traveling to a non-tropical climate, I’d done some research, bought a good coat, boots, but that wasn’t enough. I got sick during my first minute stepping on the plane and spent my first week hacking away and fighting what felt like deathly pneumonia.

I even remembered jumping from my sleep one night after my sister shoved me so hard just to make sure that I wasn’t dead because I wasn’t responding apparently. What did I not do right…? Prepare. Now, on any trip that I’ve taken, I’ve always prepared. I mean spreadsheets and all, where will I stay, saving money, do I have the right clothes for temperature, etc.

I tend to usually have a conversation that lends inspiration for content, and this is exactly what happened here.  Isn’t it frustrating to live life in a bubble of constant doubt that your happiness may never come?

Yes.. yes it is. But also, I’ve been in that space, so I share the sentiments. There was a time when 24 hours of drain felt like a lifetime. Like I was waiting for a moment when that life pivot would happen and everything would magically fall into place. But alas my friends, life isn’t so. 

What’s a breakthrough? It’s that moment of clarity and alignment you’ve been searching and searching externally. That moment is when ahas start to downpour instead of subtle trickles that fade away into the darkness.

It’s that moment you’ve been praying for finally happens and that sigh you’ve been holding unto for what seems like forever can finally be let go. 

The good part – for most, it does happen. 

The bad part – most never prepare to receive it. 

A Client Experience

I had a client when I first started coaching who saw problems instead of possibilities in every situation we dived into. She wasn’t prepared.

Roadblocks after roadblocks, not only made our coaching more difficult to get through “that comes with the job at times”, but the fact that she was seeking outside of herself, only made it worse. 

Being unprepared kills your breakthrough. And preparation is not just shifting the elements outside of you, it’s a combination.

Surprisingly, breakthroughs need preparation too.  Breaking down a shell that we’re been conditioned with in order to see what lies within. It’s like an onion, to get to it, you need to peel back the crusty layers, but you trust that inside, the part you can use to create that delicious dish is in perfect form.

This is what it’s like to prepare for a breakthrough. Knowing that you’re desiring an experience, trusting that you will, and preparing to remove the barriers that temporarily keep you from it.

This is where mindset work, self-discovery, self-care, and all the cleansing and shifting come into play. Realigning your programming, your routines, your habits, your emotions to create the evidence required to take you to the big picture.

The big picture that you have defined, which is equally important, after all, how would you know that your breakthrough has arrived unless you design what it looks like and feels like to you.

The problem is, however; getting to that part might seem challenging unless the baggage taking up space is released. And as you release it, more evidence that your breakthrough is being created will begin to show. 

Trusting That It Will Happen

Are you lacking trust that your breakthrough might not happen? Are you unsure of where to begin shifting that paradigm? Today I invite you to begin seeing possibilities in your problems and begin crafting your solutions from that space. Start narrating a new story and start acting out on it, even though it’s a mini half step a day. 

A lot can change in a year, but it requires a combination of minutes, hours, and days to get there. If you trust, your outcome will be amazing.

Until Next Time.

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