The Importance Of Breaking Up With Your Old Self & How To Do It.

It’s very energizing to wake up in the morning & there’s silence, there’s peace, there are no distractions because you really get to connect with your thoughts, your heart, and soul and it’s the most authentic time of the day. Let’s talk about breaking up with your old self today, so grab a coffee and let’s dive right it. Last week Thursday, I wore all black to the office and received a wave of questions like “are you mourning? what’s wrong with you’ because you know there’s an automatic connection to black and sadness.. 

But honestly, I believe that an all-black ensemble is tres chic, but I responded with “Yes, Old Menellia”. And was greeted with the response, “why wasn’t I invited to the funeral?” So funny, but let’s talk a bit about the importance of creating space for what’s important in life, to give yourself that permission to once and for all, style your life and self for success and the version of you that you’re craving deep down. 

There are many parts of ourselves that we’re not proud of, and we have gone through quite a bit of experience “I imagine you too”, and sometimes looking back at them can trigger either a good thing or bad thing. The good being, taking stock and recognizing all the things you have overcome and accomplished in your life. And it’s good to understand that life has challenges and experiences that we may not necessarily be open to accepting and receiving and using that as our power.

On the flip side though, there’s are times when we’re alone with our thoughts and our selves, we can trigger some negative emotions and that version of ourselves we’ve been trying to break up with and it can truly unearth some painful emotions, and feelings and thoughts, which leads to frustration, overwhelm,  guilt and the feeling that we should have been smarter or further ahead. And it’s in that moment you get to give yourself permission to understand that holding unto those triggers and painful emotions can be an absolute detriment to the woman you’re becoming. In this episode, I share with some empowering reasons to let go of these once and for all.


So Where Does This Leave You? It’s Time For Self Discovery & Reflection:

  • Get out your journal “I want you to write out your thoughts pen to paper so that you can read it later. Don’t have one, invest in one- “get a hard covered one that will not wear out fast like this one
  • Date your entry, that way you can always come back to see what patterns you might be holding onto later down the line i.e if you’re repeating yourself
  • Get into a private space. This is your time, your time to be intimate with you
  • Don’t edit your thoughts. Journaling can be a scary thing, but it really helps you bring forth beliefs and patterns buried in your subconscious mind that you may be holding onto and acting out on i.e the ego version of you

Questions to ask 

  • Where are you right now in your life. Take time to reflect on what’s going on in every single area of your life. Sometimes we feel like nothings working out, but the sad part is we don’t take out to understand why
  • What have you accomplished over the last year? We’re so hard on ourselves and focus on the negatives sometimes that we fail to cheer ourselves on for all our hard work.
  • What do you want to accomplish 1 year from now? This question is your tool to get serious in activating your next level. If you’re like me 2 years ago, you’re probably giving that power to others who dislike your growth, even your self, so it’s time to break that pattern.


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The Importance Of Breaking Up With Your Old Self & How To Do It.


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