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I'm a Caribbean based content creator, Francophile, & marketing exec by day who enjoys monthly spa sessions, flowers that spoil quickly and having fun with cooking whilst playing café jazz in the background. Welcome to this space. I hope your time here is inspiring and encouraging. Dive in. 


Tired of having the Monday blues? Monday morning, still sleepy, grumpy, weekend lagged & the last thing on your mind is going to work. You would rather be at a party, brunching, lounging by a pool, sunbathing on the beach, or just laying in bed. Then the thought of having to pay the bills comes to mind. How do you intend to pay your bills? With grains of sand? How will you afford that upcoming luxurious trip (unless you win the lottery)? Here are 4 ways to prepare and motivate for a fabulous Monday at the office:

Start With Gratitude

When you wake up on a Monday morning, or any day for that matter, say a thankful little prayer, and journal out your praise. Appreciate all that you have; your warm bed, your great cup of coffee or tea, and your ability to work, breathe, speak; everything you’re thankful for. Gratitude is the first step to creating and attracting more abundance into your life, including a day of love, peace, and flow ahead. Be grateful.

Organize Your Space For Mondays

Yes, on a Friday afternoon. We all want to rush out the door like it’s summer break from school. However, if you leave your office without preparing for the upcoming week, the probability of wasting time and feeling drained from all the clutter on a Monday morning is HIGH. To put it quite frankly, welcoming office space is a perfect start to having a great week. That is practically your home for the next 8 hours, or technically half our lives…& preparing beforehand will increase focus, time management and productivity – here are 10 productivity tips to master btw.

  • Clean up your desk before leaving.
  • Prepare your to-do list for the new week, and if there was anything you missed the previous week, PUT IT AT THE TOP!!! HIGH Priority..
  • Add a pretty calendar.
  • Add some inspiring quotes.
  • Add some beautiful flowers.
  • Add a scented candle. “but leave it unlit.” If you want the scent to diffuse, take a push pin and punch a few holes in the top and around the candle. Remember to keep the décor minimal.

Dress The Part

When I put no effort into my office outfits, I feel uninspired. I try to ensure that I plan out my weekly outfits and prepare for the week in advance. Sometimes I don’t pre-iron, but pre-planning my attire for the week makes getting ready easy and much more fun. Being mindful of your attire can add more enthusiasm to your day, especially on a Monday morning as you’re coming out of the casually relaxed mode. Here are some tips:

  • Make an extra effort to lay out your outfits for Monday through Thursday. I like to think of Fridays as dress-up days, and I usually follow the mood that leads me.
  • You can also pre-prep your lunches on the weekend or rise early to do so, as you also want to be mindful of what you consume.
  • Have fun with it. Every morning while getting dressed, I put on a selected playlist and just let loose.
  • Here’s one of my favourite playlists, “Majestic Casual.

See my office outfit glimpses & shop links below.

Relax For A Better Monday

Being tense at the office won’t make being there any better, especially if you do not want to be there. Relax, smile, sing, or play some light music. Besides, the weekend is around the corner if you’d love to be optimistic about it, and you can go back to skipping rocks very soon. If you need more inspiration to eliminate the Monday Blues, finish the weekend with some distressing.

How do you infuse enthusiasm into your Mondays? 


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