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Soft skills to master

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5 Soft Skills Successful Women Master.



In a world filled with anxiety, constant improvement in technology, and a disparity between the real and social world, it’s easy to become disconnected, discontented, and overwhelmed with simply wondering. And it’s no secret that 2020 has enhanced that. So today, I would like to share a few tips and strategies on how to ensure that you continue to develop as a person whilst remaining as present as possible.

We’ve plummeted into a new unexpected reality, and it might be awhile before ‘old normal” or as close as possible is a thing once again. But it is in no way a reason to live out life or step into the new year with an attitude of dread. 

So today, I would like to dive a bit deeper into the subject of enhancing your soft skills, and interpersonal selves as you spend more time inside, or in a different environment. And if you’ve never been privy to working on that, now might be a great chance. 

So here are 5 skills or focus areas to embrace as you lean into your new chapter as an elegant woman.

Soft Skill No. 1: Networking

So it was my 11-year-old niece’s and her mom’s birthday back in October and all the adults were outside dancing, laughing, talking, in groups conversion. When I went inside to probably grab food or something, I saw 10 children all preteens, on their smartphones, playing a game with each other. “Through an app”. And whilst I admire the advancement of technology other years, and how much it connects us with each other, there is also a gap. And that is ACTUAL COMMUNICATION. 

Remember back in the day we exchanged snail letters? How excited you were to receive mail. If you’re feeling disconnected from the world, or you find that as you’re getting older, you’re becoming more alone, then I recommend, that you begin to network a bit more with strangers.

The truth is, the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to make new friends, AND the sweeter it becomes to spend time alone. I know. BUT it’s also wise to have a circle both professional and personal that you can count on for quick conversation, advice, and laughs. 

We’re so caught up with the social media world that we have forgotten how to actually have a conversation. And how to write. Lol. 

E.g., If you’re stuck at home right now, and you’re craving to meet new people a new mindset and energy towards probably joining a community for support will take you way further than hiding behind your phone screen. 

Find networking groups both personal and professional “LinkedIn Facebook, pen pal worlds” and dip your toe into recultivating relationships. Your future self will thank you for that.

Soft Skill No.2: Your Attitude & Open-Mindedness.

The reality is that we live in our heads so much that we become our own worst enemy. The negative thoughts, the doubt, and even the nonchalance can affect our growth in life, or our view of an expected outcome. I know that it’s difficult to be positive and have enthusiasm for your actions, but it’s doable. Your perspective on life is literally how it will be transferred into your reality. If you’re constantly complaining, always thinking negatively, and wondering why your life or yourself is not advancing, it might be a great time to self-check. Also, no one likes to be around someone like that. While it might take some practice, learning to be more perceptive can be helpful.

Quick E.g. And if you’re prone to looking at all the possible negative outcomes by playing out scenarios in your mind, find new ways to shift that perspective. Spend less time in negative spaces, engage in more uplifting activities, and embrace being present more. 

Soft Skill No. 3: Patience

Need I say more? We live in a world of I want it, and I want it now. And I am sure that by week 3 of lockdown you were sick of your own home. That should have taught you a very valuable skill needed to survive this life and that’s being patient.

When you set a  milestone you’re working towards, or a goal that seems so far outreach patience will get you through remaining disciplined and focused. Focus more on the journey and learning process than the actual end result. “That’s great too but..” 

Soft Skill Number 4: Active Listening

Everyone wants to be heard, seen, and be liked. We thrive on the likes, we thrive on the follows, but that has created such a great disconnection in some people’s lives. It’s become somewhat of an “all about me world” if you know what I mean. 

Active listening is one of the greatest soft skills you can develop as it lends itself to “building meaning relationships, professional development, and being empathetic”.  If you’re a constant talker and you wonder why no one wants to spend time with you….that might be it. 

If that’s you, practice paying attention to the person you’re conversing with, do not distract, do not think about what YOU’RE going to say,  just remain present. And to further develop this skill, if you’re attentive, you can ask deeper questions, and understand the other person better. Which ultimately means that you’re forging more meaningful relationships in the future. 

Soft Skill No. 5: Emotional Intelligence

The final skill I want to touch back on encompasses a few. And that is emotional intelligence. This skill forms the basis of success in life, career, relationships, and your overall happiness. 

Emotional intelligence is all about your ability to

  • Be self-aware of your emotions and reactions in situations & manage stress and adapt your moods,”Self awareness & Self management” . 
  • It’s about being able to motivate yourself, and remaining committed to your intentions and goals without discouragement, 
  • It’s about understanding the other person point of view, showing empathy, 
  • It’s about learning to lead, negotiating, working with conflict, working as a team
  • I remember 3 years ago I learned the difference between responding to life and reacting to life, and if you master or enhance your EI, you become better at decision making, and the results you get out of life. 

It’s an umbrella of skills that ultimately will take you a long long way.

In Closing

There are many more skills you can develop if your goal is to learn to create better results in your personal and professional life, but these are my top 5. 

Ask a question: Have you been working on any of these or others? Share with us in the comments section and if you would like to see an expansion of this topic, let me know as well. 

Thank you for watching all the way to the end of this video, I appreciate it, subscribe and I will see you in the next one. 

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