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Menellia is a Success Coach & Mindset Makeover Maven To Female Coaches & Creative Fempreneurs; & a current Thrive Global & Sivana East contributor. Hailing & residing from the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia, Menellia’s Mission is to empower women to design and create ivy league styled lives & businesses they are wildly passionate about. Her sweet spot is helping women release the limitations & ugly scarcity paradigm they’re holding unto & replacing that with powerful positive energy & high performing actions leading long term growth, income and freedom.

Combining her Francophile approach and Caribbean essence, she uses her personal experiences of going from deplete to thriving, her mastery of using the law of attraction and vibration, her trainings with world renowned success and life coaches and her successful track record working with global women; as the foundation to provide daily inspiration to women through her blog cast , her digital courses & her elite level private mentorship program. It’s a serious love affair with yourself & your business.

A true self-made woman, Menellia taught herself how to build her first business purely by accident. 2 years later, her brand is staged to reach its first 6 figures by the end of 2019! Menellia lives by the motto - to create a life you never had you must become a woman you’ve never been!

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Working with Menellia means that you will be better able to improve your life both Tangibly & Emotionally. You will be able to breath more. You will be able to relax and you will have more joy instead of constantly giving away every ounce of you to others. You will be able to confidently show up in your world as you deliver massive value to your people. You will be available for more positivity, power and joy! It’s a ripple effect! You're here because you're ready for that next chapter of your life & business!

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