Hello Gorgeous,  If you’re tired of shrinking your power, confused about your life vision? are you ready to ditch the self sabotaging behaviours, and being the hero to everyone else, as you remain in an exhausted people pleasing state you've been in forever? then you're in the right place. The truth is, CONFIDENCE is you deciding to believe that you are capable of transforming your reality. CONFIDENCE is you embracing your divine femme energy, your core values and choosing to see possibilities in your challenges. And I would love to support you in creating that.

I’d love to know more about you, your life, your Work, and what truly lights you up. I only have limited spaces available for calls and the ladies I select to talk to are those I believe that I can help. The more information I have, the better I can determine how I can help you!

Of course, your personal information is STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL. Please take the time to answer the questions below. I want to know what you truly desire.

If you are not Committed to invest time and money to receive 1:1 support in helping you UNLOCK your confidence, release your abundance blocks, reclaim your power and gain clarity and direction in  Becoming your own lifestyle connoisseur, then this call is not for you.  And if you are, please proceed.

Chat Soon. xx Bisous

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WOMEN  going through or just out of a quarter life crisis, currently stuck in hiding & ready to show up more boldly in their lives!

Women who are ready to burn their victim stories, and stop the self sabotaging behaviours keeping them in pain

Women are ready to shift from hiding and finally show up as the powerful iconic version of themselves in life and work

Women who are coachable and ready to invest in themselves, both time, energy and financially

Women who are ready to heal, embrace their feminine identity and magnetize the abundance, clients and riches they desire. 

Women who are not coachable, nor ready to make more money or use their gifts in a purposeful way

Women who like to make excuses, play the victim and not ready to hear the honest truth

Women who are not available to invest in themselves financially or energetically

Women who are looking for quick fixes, overnight success secrets, and the next shiny object to play with.

What Ladies Say About Their Experience.


Hi darling, I'm Menellia, a Caribbean Based leading mindset, & life transformation coach for women. Let's get a bit intimate.

7 years ago, I my world crumbled. I was used to partying, and going about my day in a mundane way. Work all week, party all weekend. On the side, I was trying to get the funding to study biomedical engineering at the UWI Barbados after getting accepted, but kept getting rejected loans, rejected scholarship letters and I was so over it. 

I was operating on an empty tank and I desperately needed an answer. But my answer came in the form of a quarter life crisis. My apartment got mold, I needed to find a new job, and I was playing cat and mouse with a debt collector.

To make matters worse, my migraines returned as my stress levels went through the roof, my hair began to shed, and I had to sign a lease to a place I could not afford just to keep a roof over my head. 

And then my story began to shift. I received help from my friend and sister who moved in with me to split rent "in a one bedroom", I got some financial advice and got approved for my first loan "after being declined and pleaded" because the officer was a sister of a friend, got a new job so that I could at least eat and started rebuilding from there, I gave up my dream of studying biomed, enrolled into the local uni into a Supervisory Management program, got a job in high end sales as an admin, which evolved into Sales Supervisor and now Marketing Manager, cut some generational cords, cut my hair and started from scratch. 

2 years later, I was on a plane to Paris, I had a new language under my belt and regained my self confidence & started to think bigger about my life's purpose. One year later, I went back to Paris, and held my first life coaching masterclass on Youtube, and that was when my purpose was born. But I still needed to do one thing. TO UNLEASH MY INNER QUEEN, RAISE MY VOICE & OWEN MY PURPOSE!!

In 2017, I started my life coaching business with a deep focus on helping women vamp up their desires & goals as they transformed their mindsets. Since then, I've supported women locally & internationally 1:1, have had over 200 students in my life coaching courses & trainings, became a guest coach to some of my coach friends private masterminds and memberships, shared my message via radio, at a bank, podcast & television interviews & print magazine and here we are.

Working with me is an experience. ESPECIALLY if you're located in Saint Lucia."It gets fancy". But here are a few examples of what ladies have been able to achieve in the past post our coaching & mentoring. 

They have been able to receive results such as:
- Going from confused and having ZERO brand presence, to developing their brand, site, high end package in 2 weeks
- Not having clarity on their purpose to booking their first speaking gig at a college
- Upgrading their business model and adding an additional brick & mortar location & service
- Walking away from toxic jobs, relationships & lifestyle habits and into next level careers, abundance & goals to name a few
- Shifting from the broke I can't afford this mentality to going on a retreat with me in Paris
- Getting unstuck in their career path to leveling up their education & shifting into a more thriving job
- Identifying energy zappers in their lives to becoming confident and courageous to follow their desires. 

Whether it is in the world of work, life or business, the foundation of my teaching can be applied in all walks.  I have walked a mile similar to the one you're walking, and I can tell you that if you decide to no longer show up for mediocrity, and become available for next level abundance, more confidence and high quality results in your life it can happen. You are here on  purpose, you're called to create impact and you desire to live an iconic life! And together, we will get you to that new game! Are you ready? 

Why Work With me?

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xx Bisous Menellua



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