Are you fixing, or are you creating?



As Sunrise breaks in the new year, the urge and pressure to become our best versions of ourselves peaks. And while there is nothing wrong with wanting to improve our lives, refine our self-image and elevate ourselves to another level, the energy in the process is what makes the difference.

Are you fixing or are you creating your life?

Are you Fixing, Or are you creating?

To fix would be to confirm that you are a broken vessel, that your life is in shattered pieces, and that it or you are incapable of growth and useless. There’s so much anxiety, fear, and doubt when we’re on a journey to fix ourselves. To create your life equates that you get to be the artist in your own life. You get to paint every brushstroke, and you are the designer.

For a long time, I operated under the mindset of brokenness, with the guise of “fixing my life”. However, when life would not cooperate and chaos entered every equation. My relationships, health, finance, and business felt stagnant for such a long time. I could not understand why?

Why was it that I was DOING all the right things, taking the steps, implementing the strategy but felt ten steps further behind from where I began?

When you find yourself wondering, what is the point of going so hard, and thinking maybe I should breathe, the answer presents itself. Breathing. Simply allowing with the flow. Creating.

What if that was the answer you needed all along? After all, you already have a canvas. YOU and YOUR Life. To create means that you get to bring something into existence. Whatever that is for you.

As you navigate through this new year, how about simple creating. Your goals, your desires, and allow the flow. It is so much more wonderful.

How do you create?

It is simple. By understanding, acknowledging, and seeking evidence that you are already doing a great job as you are. Sure there may be areas that require a bit of tweaking, but you are already halfway there. You are showing up, and that is half of the process. Work with that.

Navigate the process with no pressure, no judgment if something goes wrong, and no fear that you are missing out on something. We all have our timing, and your design may be complete before mine or hers. It is not a race. It is a journey. Have fun with it. How are you creating your life this year? Join the conversation below. xx Bisous.


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