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When it comes to skincare, I’m a newbie. I’d never been interested in developing a routine until 2019 when I developed a really bad reaction from I’m not sure what. My skin went from clear, problem-free “not even a pimple” to full-blown hormonal type acne in a weekend. I’m almost sure that it was as a result of a makeup product I used, as I filmed that day, and woke up to a rash on my chin the following morning.

Caudelie skincare review, simple skincare routine, skincare for black skin
How to upgrade your at home self care routine

At the start of the year, I deleted my website, and took a step back from everything. I started to say au revoir to the world of coaching at the start of 2020, by slowly erasing videos, podcast episodes, courses, and articles. The truth is I was burnt out & needed a break from it […]

burnring out slowing down
10 productivity tips for girlbosses.

I decided to quit life coaching and become a blogger. And I will be documenting my 1st year as a lifestyle blogger “again”. Here’s why.

Starting a lifestyle brand.
Why you need a break from social media.

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