Here’s the thing darling, as a new womenpreneur we all at some point enter the fight or flight, desperation mode with the aim of making sales and booking clients. And I mean….if you’re okay with freebie binger, time-wasters and everybody BUT YOUR ideal customer filling in your sales calls spots, then, by all means, carry […]

How to triple your discovery call conversions. 1 Trick…

There are many parts of ourselves that we’re not proud of, and we have gone through quite a bit of experience “I imagine you too”, and sometimes looking back at them can trigger either a good thing or bad thing. The good being, taking stock and recognizing all the things you have overcome and accomplished in your life. And it’s good to understand that life has challenges and experiences that we may not necessarily be open to accepting and receiving and using that as our power.

The Importance Of Breaking Up With Your Old Self & How To Do It.