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The Benefits of movement & increasing energy in your body

When it comes to energy, I believe that there are 2 core elements that house that. Emotional & physical.. and they both have a connection to each other. Have you ever felt really down and magically, your body just say ... I'm physically down too. You're drained, you're fatigued and you just want to be best friends with your couch.. YUP, that's the connection. And your emotions are stimulated by your thoughts.. and so they cyclical analogy can be repeated here.. poor thoughts = poor emotions/feeling = poor physical energy = overall sucky sitcom of your life. The great news is, you can shift it.. let's dive in. 

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Love Note De la Semaine - Taking Stock, Love Affair & Creating A Vision

So here's one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my life elevation. There will be people who will have a problem with your evolving. There will be people in YOUR VERY OWN CIRCLE who will despise you when you decide to grow when you decide to let go of negativity. I know, a hard pill to swallow. But it's ok..your work is to hold the space for their eventual receptivity instead of resentment. But here's a twist to it all…Surprisingly your very own self!I'm talking about the fear-based self. The one which goes into ego protective mode whenever you're about to do something majorly outside of your comfort zone.

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6 Positive Effects Of Self Care

Self-care is definitely the buzz phrase of the year and maybe even of the decade. And this is something that we're thrilled about. Yet the interesting thing about self-care is that it can mean many different things, from meditation to morning journaling to creating a pampering skincare ritual. However, we feel that far too often, blog posts on the topic focus on the 'hows' of self-care, rather than the 'whys'. In other words, why is it so important to take time out for yourself? 

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Why It's Important To Embrace The Art Of Slowing Down!

Now don't get me wrong, the purpose is there, the mission is there, but when I see so many women crazily trying to catch up.." like I seemed to have been doing for 3 weeks of non-stop work", something has to give.

Like today, when the coach/friend of mine connected to me with the same issue "normally - I would give the inspired action talk, and do what feels good to you", but when the conversation seemed too frequent it meant that there seemed to be a missing human touch⠀

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