How to regain control of your life especially when nothing is working!

How to regain control of your life especially when nothing is working!!! #selfworth #healthyboundaries #comparison #selfdoubt #mindset #successtips #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #lifestylechange #goalsettin.png

As you are aware, we're in the final month of the year which meas, 2019 is literally a few days away! Yikess.. And as you look back on the year you may feel that you did not accomplish all your boldest desires! And that's ok. But it's time to harness your inner wonder woman! Because here'a a FACT - 

Do you know who's gonna give you EVERYTHING? YOURSELF! Said DVF. And she was absolutely right

We all have inner desires which we mask or we allow the outside world to tell us that "we're not good enough to have them". I call BS because "who died & made Society Ruler of your world?"

In this week's  nourishment pool we spoke of creating a deeper lover affair with yourself, ensuring your night's rest is rejuvenating and changing your story intentionally. Of being open and honest with yourself about the things that may not be working for you. Of understanding the need to tailor and change direction in order to harness control of YOUR Life & yourself once again. All of which are key elements for harnessing your inner Wonder Woman.

🎧The Elegant Success Atelier & Cafe was designed for career women, mommas & lady bosses who desire to create intentional living. These nuggets are designed with bring you digestable mindset, lifestyle and success tips that you can incorporate into your current routine in an effort to live more purposefully.

As you step into a new week,be mindful of how you use your energy,what you infuse into your soul and remember to love your me time fully. Enjoy yesterday café bits where I broke down more of this in a 20 minute couch chat below!


Darling, you are a changemaker with soul... own it! It doesn’t matter what has not worked for you so far. The fact that you’re here reading & watching this proves that you haven’t given up on yourself. And trust me I know the struggle & feeling of 2 steps forward and 10 steps back! So here’s my proposal to you, you can either close this post and move on without actually doing anything, or you can take control, get accountable and start over at stage 1! If your desire is to start over with a clean slate, I’ve recorded a 1 hour masterclass that teaches & guides you through a 4 pillar framework that my coaching ladies & women in my community has seen results from! And p.s It’s free! To get immediate access hit the button down below!

I hope you took away some great nuggets from this post & I would love to hear your feedback in the comments section down below! Until next time.