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The Benefits of movement & increasing energy in your body

When it comes to energy, I believe that there are 2 core elements that house that. Emotional & physical.. and they both have a connection to each other. Have you ever felt really down and magically, your body just say ... I'm physically down too. You're drained, you're fatigued and you just want to be best friends with your couch.. YUP, that's the connection. And your emotions are stimulated by your thoughts.. and so they cyclical analogy can be repeated here.. poor thoughts = poor emotions/feeling = poor physical energy = overall sucky sitcom of your life. The great news is, you can shift it.. let's dive in. 

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The Perks Of Embracing Your Sensuality & 2 Powerful Ways To Awaken It.

When you think of the word sensuality though there might be an instant connection to sex but it stems deeper. It’s that feminine essence that allows you to be FREE in all areas of your life. Relationship, work, play…ALLL OF IT! So if right now you feel that there is a grave disconnection between you owning the fact that you ARE A WOMAN one of the best places to begin tapping into that is embracing your sensuality and incorporating practices and tools to reawaken it. In this blogcast episode, I’m sharing 2 things you can begin doing TODAY to start the process.

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