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Love Note De la Semaine - Taking Stock, Love Affair & Creating A Vision

So here's one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from my life elevation. There will be people who will have a problem with your evolving. There will be people in YOUR VERY OWN CIRCLE who will despise you when you decide to grow when you decide to let go of negativity. I know, a hard pill to swallow. But it's ok..your work is to hold the space for their eventual receptivity instead of resentment. But here's a twist to it all…Surprisingly your very own self!I'm talking about the fear-based self. The one which goes into ego protective mode whenever you're about to do something majorly outside of your comfort zone.

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6 Positive Effects Of Self Care

Self-care is definitely the buzz phrase of the year and maybe even of the decade. And this is something that we're thrilled about. Yet the interesting thing about self-care is that it can mean many different things, from meditation to morning journaling to creating a pampering skincare ritual. However, we feel that far too often, blog posts on the topic focus on the 'hows' of self-care, rather than the 'whys'. In other words, why is it so important to take time out for yourself? 

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THE REALITY IS…the level of consistency, belief and effort required to navigate you towards your promise land is different from what's currently being exerted..Being in a quarter life crisis "relationship, financial, career etc" happened because of a series of accepted or neglected factors. And the fact happened and it can feel like the air is being sucked out of your lungs…

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