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I'm a marketing exec by day with experience in the brand & marketing management of high end fintech brands & by education, an advocate for good living, and your go to online brand building strategist if you're a lifestyle based content creator, coach or consultant looking to create more impact.

My Talent: I guide you into identifying your signature message, unique value, and help you design an easy-to-implement yet effective online brand strategy to go from procrastination to  productivity, profits & impact!

marketing exec - brand strategist - blogger.

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I'm Menellia

You have a vision, but the pain and depletion seem to always lead the way. Which keeps you feeling stuck, forgotten, and what feels like torture.

You're hiding in your behind your dreams instead of activating them. You're accepting mediocrity in relationships, work & your self care. You have an ugly relationship with money & holding unto pennies for fear that you will suffer financially. And you're sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching whilst going to bed every night wondering what if?

What if you could create a better life for yourself? What if you no longer discounted your rates? What if you dared to be available for more wealth, health, happiness, and freedom in your life?

You want newness. Open a new chapter. But fear overwhelms every time you choose to take a step forward because it's been your blueprint for decades. 

Here, you will not only receive inspiration but effective guidance & tools to unlock your new life and your new world.

Here you will feel supported on your course of connecting the gap between where you are now & where you want to be, without pressure.

Are you ready to navigate your new compass? START WITH THE 4 STEP BLUEPRINT. "CLICK HERE"!

You're Now The Driver's Seat!

your journey up until this point might have not been the best...BUR

brand strategist | marketing professional

 Published/Featured/Interviewed/Spoken Including:

Systems, step by step guides and tips to help you bypass time wasters, procrastination & overwhelm in managing your personal brand. 

From mastering your message, visual brand to developing your growth plan using DIY or one to one consulting, launch for GROWTH & IMPACT!

Everything I do stems from mastering my mind & through personal style journals & video centric content, explore breaking limiting, beliefs, habits & surroundings for courage & confidence in growing your brand.




How I Help


BRANDING & Strategy


Are you a NEW or early lifestyle consultant, content creator or coach who needs refinement on your value proposition, position in the industry, or a strategy for focus?

Show up online with style and mastery as we craft & design your personal brand. During this 90 minute VIRTUAL session we will craft your signature message, develop your brand  identity, and strategize a 90 day strategy to help you focus on building and managing your brand with finesse.

This is for women who are serious and looking for LONG TERM growth and profits from operating in their purpose whilst implementing their talents. 

90 Minute Brand Consultation US$199

Signature Offering

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Are you a brand-new content creator? Can't afford to hire a designer, don't have the $2,000 budget, or aren't a tech wiz to build your digital footprint but still want a sophisticated online presence? Confidently do it yourself with pre-designed websites, blogs, and landing pages from the template hub.

Pick one of my brand themes—"feminine, boss babe, elegant, or earthy"—and customize it to suit your brand identity on social media and the web without breaking the bank or a sweat. 

The Template Hub

Do It Yourself

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For business inquiries contact hello@menelliavalcent.com