Triple Your client Intake By Mastering The 4 Pillar Framework In 90 Days Or Less Without the burnout nor undercharging for your services every again!!

Women's Mindset & Sales Strategist Menellia Valcent Presents...

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Business Sizzle mastery™

Shift out of undercharging for your services,  and the over-giving vortex & into a space of divine alignment with money where you're Mastering Money Flow With Divine Confidence, Abundance & LOVE!

Shift from DIYing & gluing the pieces of Your business together and step into healing your generational wounds so that you can finally design A Business & Live A Life That Allows You To Experience Pleasure, Potent Energy & Joy!

Shift from feeling guilty & greedy from wanting more richness and powerful life Experiences & instead start embracing a Deeper Level Of Connection With Your Core Desires, Your Sensuality & Signature Voice, So That You Can Confidently Share Your Message & Work Without The Feminine Shame Or Deplete!

Shift from playing small because you've been told that you can't be too bold, too loud, too much and instead begin Owning Your Gifts & Doing Work You Love With More Vibrancy, Enthusiasm & High Performance!

Shift from accepting crap In your relationships "both personal & professional" and finally stand in your queen power as you Create Healthy & Strong Boundaries, Deep Respect & Love Both In Your Personal Life & With Your Community!

Shift from doing the busy mundane work in the online community & instead begin Showing Up more powerfully as you share your message with more grace & Potency in order to Finally Magnetize Your Soul Audience Effortlessly & Command High End Prices For Your Divine Service!

Shift from operating as a employee in your business and begin claiming your CEO status where you no longer work from the Desperation Of Remaining In A Toxic Cycle of Scarcity, Burn Out, brokeness & Deplete!

Shift from Feeling unworthy & Incapable of it all as you Recondition your Mindset, & embrace The Unstoppable Belief That You Can Do Anything & Take Action With Bold Courage!

shift from Seeking validation from others in Your community & your personal tribe as you begin to Love Yourself So DEEPLY & Constantly Enjoy Being In The Energy Of NOT Needing Someone Else To Confirm Your Amazingness!

Shift from running off your platforms or choking up on camera and into a space where you Openly & More Confidently Hold Deeper Meaningful Conversations With Your Inner Circle With Passion & Authenticity!

shift from looking Like every other brand out there and instead design A Signature space That Makes You Excited, and allows you to stand out Like A Red Dress In A Little Black Dress Boutique BECAUSE You're FINALLY Connecting To Your Soul brand essence, Aligned Clients.

and above all shift from Waking Up Daily In A Space energetic drain and into vibrant energy & Peace, Knowing That You Are Deeply In Love With Your Mind, Body & Soul & Everything That Surrounds It and you're DOING IT ALL WITHOUT SHAME OR GUILT!

do you wish to finally make bank in Your business, but your breakthrough just can't seem to come & you're engulfed with the feeling of "when is it gonna be my turn?"

Do you sweat bullets whenever you need to go live, pitch to a podcast, radio or Magazine because you don't deeply believe that your message is worthy enough to be heard, or you just don't have "the balls" share your voice?

Do you feel bitter & angry that every other coach & Womanpreneur seems to make the 10K Generation game look easy squeezy, yet you're here struggling & wondering Why You Can't?

Have you been spending your weekends, early mornings, AND late nights trying to get your business off the ground but nothing seems to be working?

Is your message too unclear or You have too many ideas that it's Repelling your potential paying clients instead of getting those contracts signed?

Are you tired of trying to understand the technical systems And you cringe just by the thought of failing one more time at integrating your business back end?

Do you feel like throwing up whenever you get on a sales call that you end up not pitching or discounting your rate  dramatically because you fear hearing another no!

Are you ready to become energetically available for a life of more abundance , momentum & income whilst upholding your core values and standards without apology?

Are you ready to heal your generational shame, let go of the baggage, claim your voice, power & potent energy as you create more prosperity & income doing work that you love?

a new level is available to you queen & it's time to become a cash flow machine!

Let's dive into the Core Outcomes you will Produce:

What if you shifted from launching every month to crickets, & drowning in a to-do list of what really is "nothing" and into creating cash, freedom & flow, with integrity & confidence!

I get it... you might have spent the last 2 years trying to get your business off the ground. Or you might have even hired a coach but still nothing has worked. Or you very well might be hiding behind the shadows of your business curtains because you're too afraid to show up in the marketplace, you're spending all your time in isolation behind your computer screen, trying to understand how to get someone to get on your list. how you're going to manage it all as a one woman show, you don't understand what the eff you're doing really, and you have a DEEP fear that you will fail. 

I get it because I've been there. I've walked in your shoes, and I've shared the very same emotions. But the reality is, wasting time and money on an expansive hobby will NOT get you to where you want to be. 

You need a strategy, a plan, and a mindset of a ruler in order to get off the scarcity boat. And if you're in this for the long haul, YOU NEED IT NOW!

it time to play a Bigger game, be seen as the expert you are and start getting compensated for your divine service!

12 one-on-one 45 minutes Private Coaching sessions over Whats App, Zoom or Skype on Mindset, Signature Client & Message Mastery, Conversation Mastery, Money Mentality & Online Marketing & Visibility Strategy. "US$12,000 VALUE"

The Business Sizzle Mastery Student Vault For Access To Pre-Recorded Step by Step Video Breakdown On Setting Up Your Back End Operative Systems, & Access To The Mindset Cleansing & Reset Vault Which Houses 3 COMPREHENSIVE PDF Playguides & Accompanying Audio. "US$2999 VALUE"

Weekly Check Ins and Accountability In Between Each Session For Ongoing Support Via Email & Phone Messaging  During The Hours Of 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m Monday - Thursday. "US$3,000 VALUE"

Total Value US$17,999

Bonus 1 -  The Sales Call Blueprint "US$997 VALUE" 

Access to my personal sales call blueprint that I use to close $6k+ client contracts that you can use to begin closing your discovery calls during our coaching!.

Bonus 2 - The Sell Couture Video Vault "US$997 VALUE" 

Access to the 4 part video course of nailing your niche & signature message as you dive deeply into understanding your unique selling proposition, & what makes you the ideal coach to work with. 

Bonus 2- The Healing Kit "US$997 VALUE"

The Unleashed Woman Manifesto & Prayer
One Cleansing/Healing & One Self Grounding Meditations

Total Value Of Bonuses US$2,991

What You'll Receive


apply now!

deposit of us$1,500


(Regular Investment of the Program: $10,000)

Pay In Full: us$3,300. 



YOU SAVE $1,200


+ 2 payments of us$1,500

includes the pif bonus

if you're ready to throw out  THE hustle, burn, Stay Broke & repeat blueprint...

for 3 Months you will be guided into coaching & actionable work that allows you to dive deep into these chambers.

Elevating Your Wealth Consciousness, Success blueprint & creating leadership habits!

Booking & Hosting Sales calls As A Pro, Overcoming Objections & Onboarding Clients With Ease!

Master Your Marketing & Visibility Strategy, Funnels and Technical Systems For Productive Operations!

getting laser lucid clear on your ideal client, your signature offer, & your value proposition. 




Pamela's message about my work

Starting their businesses from scratch even when they had no background knowledge of where to begin

Stood up to their unsupportive partner leading to him getting on the same wavelength as her..which resulted in massive momentum from speaking gigs, clients and income

Started her self love podcast after fearing that she wasn’t good enough to share her expertise with other women

Experiencing massive increase in productivity, confidence, and self-worth, energy levels, and in her career after months of deplete

Getting the courage to walk away from a toxic relationship after years of putting the other party before her and starting over with more ease

Deciding to have begin feeling more alive, having a family and taking her first bold trip to Paris with me “after letting go of the too expensive story”

Outlining their signature offers & raised their pricing from $49-$10k & selling them with more confidence

Opening up a new physical branch of their business & expanding their service portfolios

Left their dead end draining jobs & followed their soul aligned career paths, Shifted their mindsets & Transformed their way of thinking towards wealth and abundance

And much more..

I'm Happy To Share The Methods I’ve Weaved Together In This Experience Have Led Women I’ve Worked With Into:

Book A free consult Filling in the coaching application form.


LET'S CHAT via zoom for 40 minutes to see whether or not this is a right fit.!


SIGN YOUR CONTRACT & PAY via the method best for you!


our strategy sessions & coaching begins & it will be amazing!


activate your new success blueprint + make more income!


start to OPERATE your business like a ceo & enjoy your life to the fullest. 

The Process




Who Is this for?  My expertise is in personal development, Sales & Marketing & business Systems. If you're a new coach or early stage womanpreneur who desires to Shift from wasting your time & money and into creating a Sustainable & solid foundation for your business growth.. then this is for you!

How do I schedule sessions with Menellia? As a private client, you will have access to my coaching calendar & my private business zoom line. You can schedule your sessions weekly/bi-weekly as support is needed, but receive a total of 12 45 minutes. As a private client, You Also receive access to me via my business what's app & email for ongoing conversations during the hours of 9.a.m. - 5 P.m Monday to Thursday. 

What days are sessions held on? I coach on Tuesdays & most ladies prefer evenings, Other arrangements can be discussed as needed.

Is there a payment plan?  Absolutely! I love payment plans and there's an easy payment plan so you can be earning and learning as you easily make your payments in an expansive way each month. "However, if you require an extended plan we can discuss further on our call. 

Can you guarantee specific results? I deeply believe in my ability to help you transform your your confidence, beliefs and strategy in building your online business. I believe that the emotional & practical principals I teach can truly revolutionize your business & life as I will be implementing my personal lessons, corporate experience & lessons from coaches I've worked & trained with. I believe deeply in the various components of this offer gives you EVERYTHING you need to elevate your brand to a level you never thought you were capable of. 

I didn't start out as a business coach...but I grew into it. 

Hi darling, Im Menellia, leading mindset, digital systems & message mastery coach for early staged womenpreneurs, based in the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. Let's get a bit intimate.

7 years ago, I my world crumbled. I was used to partying, and going about my day in a mundane way. Work all week, party all weekend. On the side, I was trying to get the funding to study biomedical engineering at the UWI Barbados after getting accepted, but kept getting rejected loans, rejected scholarship letters and I was so over it. 

I was operating on an empty tank and I desperately needed an answer. But my answer came in the form of a quarter life crisis. My apartment got mold, I needed to find a new job, and I was playing cat and mouse with a debt collector.

To make matters worse, my migraines returned as my stress levels went through the roof, my hair began to shed, and I had to sign a lease to a place I could not afford just to keep a roof over my head. 

And then my story began to shift. I received help from my friend and sister who moved in with me to split rent "in a one bedroom", I got some financial advice and got approved for my first loan "after being declined and pleaded" because the officer was a sister of a friend, got a new job so that I could at least eat and started rebuilding from there, I gave up my dream of studying biomed, enrolled into the local uni into a Supervisory Management program, got a job in high end sales as an admin, which evolved into Sales Supervisor and now Marketing Manager, cut some generational cords, cut my hair and started from scratch. 

2 years later, I was on a plane to Paris, I had a new language under my belt and regained my self confidence & started to think bigger about my life's purpose. One year later, I went back to Paris, and held my first life coaching masterclass on Youtube, and that was when my purpose was born. But I still needed to do one thing. TO UNLEASH MY INNER QUEEN, RAISE MY VOICE & OWEN MY PURPOSE!!

In 2017, I registered my business, and spent the first year funding it with my savings, & spending ALL MY AFTER OFFICE HOURS & WEEKENDS WASTING TIME BEHIND THE CURTAINS. I was still stuck in deep fear, operating from scarcity driven generational blueprint, and compared myself to literally EVERY other coach I loved, gave away my services for FREE or peanuts. It was toxic, and it was painful! But when I found my secret sauce, "saying goodbye to the maid femme & hello to placing my crown back where it belonged", mastered my soul client,  dived deeply into understanding how back end systems & funnels operated, & started showing up online & offline more boldly, and then, I booked my first $6,000 client, and then another, and supported women locally & internationally 1:1, have had over 200 students in my life coaching courses & trainings, became a guest coach to some of my coach friends private masterminds and memberships, shared my message via radio, at a bank, podcast & television interviews & print magazine, developed my methodology and we are. 

I have walked a mile similar to the one you're walking, and I can tell you that if you decide to no longer show up for mediocrity, and become available for next level abundance, more confidence and high quality results in your life and  business it can happen. You are here on  purpose, you're called to create impact and you desire to make more money! And together, we will get you to that new game! Are you ready? 

Why Work With me?

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xx Bisous Menellua



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