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How To Create A Self Care Routine.


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Do you actively practice self-care & self-maintenance? It used to be part of my daily regimen until I fell off the wagon. What I learned was that, if I didn’t take care of my mind, body, and soul, actively, I would burn out.

Let’s talk about self-care and life. Life can be exciting but also stressful and if we’re not careful, it can have a toll on our overall well-being.

We become so engrossed in the world, discovering new information, new strategies, tools, and especially others on their very own journeys through social media.

It becomes our obsession & although it’s somewhat a great thing for our business growth, it can also become our poison. Which leads to self-neglect.

My own journey began with many late nights as I set the foundation of my business. Branding development, service package development, marketing & one key for ultimate growth, business education. I became obsessed with the journey trying my best to gain momentum.

What I didn’t realize was that whilst I was giving my all to my new business, I was giving a minimal 1% to myself. I lacked sleep, I lacked exercise, and food became somewhat of a luxury “eat when possible”.

Sadly, this led to burnout. Overwhelmed and the feeling of “failure”; and at this point, I knew that I had to do something about it. If I wanted true lasting change and to create the massive impact I wanted to create I had to start taking care of myself.

Unfortunately, this is not a situation only I face during the entrepreneurial journey. In fact, quite a few budding business babes find themselves in this predicament for the sake of growth and success. I saw it all the time in the Facebook communities I was part of.

Women start with a bang & always seem to be active by what seems like 24/7 in the groups as a result of the burst of excitement. But it’s important to find the balance between working & taking care of ourselves, and I’m going to share two effective tips on how to ensure this can be implemented.


Create A Self Care routine

Getting back into that habit has not only helped with relaxation and grounding but also my creativity & productivity. If you choose to create a self-care routine, start with the one that begins upon first waking in the mornings.

How to begin this? It’s important to self-check in. How are you feeling? Get your thoughts on paper, and see where you need realignment. If it’s good, write it out, if it’s bad, write it out. Take time out to dump out your brain of the clutter as well as the uplifting thoughts you can look back on.

Be wary of the external content you’re consuming, as energy is energy. Ensure that it’s positive and uplifting.

Creating a non-negotiable morning routine will not only inspires your sanity but also your overall health.

During this time, I ensure that I do not absorb any external content relating to anything but “personal development”. 

No matter how much we want the physical manifestation of our goals, the internal energy must also be in sync with this. If you’re stressed out, you are unable to focus fully on your action steps.

There is a limit on the productivity level you expel, it becomes forceful “because you know that you MUST” do this, as opposed to willingly embracing it.

There are times when I literally dream about work or have to force myself to not think about work before bedtime. Another thing you can incorporate into that morning routine can be, setting out positive affirmations on paper, not just thinking about them, but literally writing out what you’re grateful for.

If you do decide to incorporate external content, be sure that it’s spiritually inspiring, meaning “relating to self-development or instilling feel-good energy”.

Practice Mindful Habits

Of course, the emotional aspect needs to be covered but equally important is the physical aspect. And by physical, I mean taking the time out to engage in FUN ACTIVITIES.

My initial weakness, but I have managed to create a strategy for this. I literally used to have to force myself to get out of the house. Sad I know right, but it actually balances out the emotional well-being aspect of your self-care practice when starting a business or when you’re working a full 9-5. 

Make going to the spa a regular thing, even though it’s once a quarter. If you can’t afford a spa day, invest in quality products to create your own spa session at home as I do in between sessions.

go grab a drink with your best buddies “who won’t talk about business-related subjects” once a month, or make grab lunch a weekly activity.

And then there’s the internal care aspect, which covers eating right, sleeping right, and definitely exercising right. I try my best to pack in at least 7 hours of sleep a night and it took a long time to develop that habit. 

Now don’t get me wrong, there will still be nights when you will feel the need to “pull an all-nighter”, but try your best to not make it a habitual thing because it can be easy to get sucked back into the old habits.

Now I may not be the best at exercising “guilty confession”, but I definitely try my best to make it as regular as possible.

Sitting at a desk, consuming information regularly, creating strategies, and attending workshops can drain the living daylights out of you.

Therefore, you definitely need to replenish not only your strength but clarify your mind; and exercising is one of the best ways to rejuvenate.

If you’re new at it, start slow. Try some yoga, or a short walk or jog in the evenings “outside”, and as you continue on your journey build upon it.

My self-care routine is simple but rewarding. 

My morning routine includes – making the bed – a put-together space that gives me joy, sipping some warm lemon water, relaxing a bit just being, and a 30 to 40-minute workout. Thankfully, working from home post the pandemic has provided me with that luxury. 

In my evening self-care routine, I try to spend a good 30 minutes winding down with a shower, skincare and lathering up my body with some massage oil or body cream. It’s calming and relaxing especially as it’s a great way to prepare myself for quality sleep. 

Once a month, I get a deep body massage, pedicure, and occasional facial. I’ve realized that my body stores stress and tension very easily, therefore if I’m not mindful of it, it can be a detriment to me. 

What self-care tips do you practice regularly? Do you struggle to maintain it? And if you don’t have a self-care routine in place, did this post inspire you to begin one?

Share Below. xx Menellia

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