Why you need a break from social media.

Are you in need of a social media detox?



Do you feel like social media is consuming your life? Have become addicted to social media & you’re in need of a social media detox? I was, and if you’ve become addicted, then this post might be for you.

With a shift in my daily operations due to Covid-19, I’ve been working from home since March. And I was starting to feel a lack of connection from the human world. A few months ago, I began to feel overwhelmed by the constant use of my phone and the unhealthy amount of time I was spending on social media, specifically Instagram.

Usually, as an introvert, I should be in my glory zone, but after a few months of not spending time outside, I went out after 12 weeks, I was feeling a bit caged. I know, surprise.

As a result, I spent more time scrolling through Instagram than usual. Until it began to consume me. I started to lose focus on my goals, I spent too many hours double-clicking, sharing, and it began to replace the healthy morning routine. It was somewhat of an escape.

So with two simple clicks, I uninstalled the app and took a deep breath. Now, this did not solve the problem at first, because I got used to my escape.

Here’s how my life improved after disconnecting & detoxing from social media.

Maybe this could inspire you.

  • After spending so much time on other people’s profiles, especially other coaches, I found myself refining my bio too much, to match their flow. I felt like every discovery was cooler than the one before. How did I combat that? I unfollowed 99% of coaches or persons in my niche.

  • I was spending way too many late hours on the app, which resulted in being the first thing on my mind at dawn. How did I combat that? Well, apart from uninstalling the Instagram app, I disciplined my mind to jump-start the day a healthier way. I started running/walking at 5:30 a.m. at least four times a week.

  • I stopped consuming unwanted content. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Instagram & Facebook is their tendency to flood my feed with unwanted ads and posts from niches in which I have zero interest. How did I combat it? I spent time cleaning up my Facebook feed, unfollowing pages that would trigger ads from like pages on my timeline, and became more mindful about what I watched in the explore tab of Instagram.

Intentional Changes.

As I write this post, I do have the app installed on my phone. But after spending cleaning up my following, became very strategic about its use, & NOT keeping it on my home screen, I have drastically cut the number of hours I spend on social media. That goes for Facebook as well.

I’ve spent the last 2 months being very strategic and intentional about my time on social media and the platforms. I now use Pinterest the most for my blog growth, I only post on Instagram during intervals, and I only visit the app when I feel like engaging but briefly.

I am happy to say that my mental & emotional health is thriving. I’ve conditioned myself & mind to refocus my energy and time in the places that are beneficial to me and are in alignment with my goals, both personal and business. My self-awareness improved, and the best part is that I’ve limited my openness to what’s happening in the lives of thousands of people. You would be surprised.

Will I make this an ongoing thing? Definitely YES. Because at the end of the day, my goal is to inspire you to be intentional about your daily actions therefore the more I put it to practice, the more I can share.

A takeaway note about why you should social media detox.

There is nothing wrong with social media. But I do believe that there should be a balance of its usage, and we’re each responsible. Social media today does have its toxic sides, and if we’re not careful or intentional in how we use it, it can lead us down a rabbit hole.

You want to ensure as much as possible that you’re managing your emotional & mental health, spending quality time with yourself instead of giving it to others through comparison or envy, and also redirect that energy towards your goals.

As such, if at any point in time you feel overwhelmed or consumed by a platform, or it’s a must that you keep up with a stranger’s life, self-check. The quality of your life will improve so much.

A few healthy tips to help you detox.

  • Uninstall social media apps or hide them from your home screen
  • Turn of your data, wifi or put your phone away “even a full day”
  • Make plans to detox by challenging yourself with time blocks
  • Focus your attention towards something creative and fun
  • Be more mindful about unplugging “have a reason why”
  • Start intentionally spending quality time with yourself

Do you feel like you’re overwhelmed by social media? Are you willing to spend less time on social media? How has the shift in lifestyle during this year affected your use of time? If you’re committed to romancing your life, now is the best time. Join the conversation below.

xx Bisous.

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Why I disconnect from social media every other week.

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