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Shifted From Accepting Less Than, Hiding Behind Your Generational Guilt & Shame Of Wanting More In Life And Into Designing & Living A Life That Allows You The Experience Of More Pleasure, Enthusiasm & Joy

Shifted From Feeling Guilty & Greedy From Wanting More Richness And Powerful Life Experiences & Instead Started Embracing A Deeper Level Of Connection With Your Core Desires, Your Sensuality & Signature Voice, So That You Can Confidently Share Your Truth Without The Feminine Shame Or Deplete!

Shifted From Playing Small In Your Professional Life Because You've Been Told That You Can't Be Too Bold, Too Loud, Too Much And Instead Began Owning Your Gifts & Doing Work You Love With More Vibrancy & High Performance!

Shifted From Accepting Crap In Your Relationships "Both Personal & Professional" And Finally Stood In Your Queen Power As You Create Healthy & Strong Boundaries, Deep Respect & Love Both In Your Personal Life & With Your Community!

Shifted From Feeling Unworthy & Incapable Of It All, And Instead Reconditioned Your Mindset & Embraced The Unstoppable Belief That You Can Do Anything With Bold Courage!

Shifted From Seeking Validation From Others & Begin To Love Yourself So DEEPLY, Learn To Enjoy Being In The Energy Of NOT Needing Someone Else To Confirm Your Amazingness, AS YOU Finally Releasing The Baggage And Desperation Of Remaining In A Toxic Cycle of Scarcity, Pain & Deplete!

Shifted From Masking Your Voice & Openly & More Confidently Holding Deeper Meaningful Conversations With Your Inner Circle With More Charm, Authenticity & Courage.

Shifted From Focusing On What Every Other Lady Is Doing And Instead Designed A Signature Lifestyle That Makes You Excited, And Allows You To Stand Out Like A Red Dress In A Little Black Dress Boutique BECAUSE You're FINALLY Connecting To Your Feminine Essence.

And Above All Shifted From Waking Up Daily In A Space Energetic Drain And Into Vibrant Energy & Peace, Knowing That You Are Deeply In Love With Your Mind, Body & Soul & Everything That Surrounds It And You're DOING IT ALL WITHOUT SHAME OR GUILT!

If you responded yes to more than 3 of these, it's time for a shift. And I totally resonate because I was in the same predicament as you not too long ago. And if I can shift it, so can you!

I get it, you’ve been living life by the blueprint handed to you for the last 2 or 3 decades only to be led to a space of deplete with nothing to show for it. And deep down, you desire to live life with more purpose, become more confident in yourself,  whilst actually achieving your goals. But your confidence has taken a blow, your voice has been masked, and you’re afraid of even embracing your femininity. Now … you have no idea where to begin or what to do!

Do you set goals every year only to end it with regret, saying you're going to try again next year and repeat?

Have you spent your years putting the needs of others before your own in the hopes of it being returned?

Do you constantly feel bitter, angry, exhausted from not being able to speak your mind & uphold your boundaries?

Do you feel guilt and shame whenever you feel like setting & pursuing of your  wild desires?

Have you made some strides in life, but recently you're stuck on a Neverending plateau with No Hope In Sight?

Are you tired of giving your power & voice away to others because you're tired of disrupting the relationship?

Do you feel that despite trying to fix it all, you just can't seem to have a breakthrough & you're sick of it all?

Are you ready to become energetically available for a life of more abundance & momentum whilst upholding your core values and standards without apology?

Are you ready to work with a coach who has gone through & overcome that crisis + went on to create & achieve some of the most epic "impossible goals" according to others in her circle?

It's ALL Available To You!



I've been told that I have too much balls, I'm too bold, I'm too bossy, I'm too "indiscreet". I've been told that I am high maintenance, too bougie and that any man who got with me would have a lot to handle. 

And I took it as a threat that I might end up alone forever, so I compromised. But I compromised way too much. I compromised my values, my self worth, my desires, my goals, and my body. I compromised because who I am as a woman "CONFIDENT, DRIVEN, BOLD AND CLEAR ON WHAT I WANT" was not what normal girls would do. And I tried to fit myself into a box of soft, quiet, timid, afraid to speak my mind, waiting, expecting only to be left out to hang dry.

A Femme Fatale is just a woman that doesn't submit to men's desires. Wanting more "success, money, sex" is normal for a man, but a woman.....she is shamed. She is feared, She is vilified". But this isn't about men. It's about YOU owning your confident persona, harnessing your feminine sensuality, owning your portent desires, and choosing to operate from the state a queen. 

Unlock Your Power, Put On Your Crown & SAY YES To UNLEASHING YOUR Inner!

 I'm assertive, unapologetic and openly comfortable with my sexuality. I've found that men are both entranced and terrified of that combination. But if I was a man, I'd be considered an alpha. A boss. But as a woman, it was something desired to be tamed or feared or objectified or disowned. And it took me many years to own truth. 


Step Inside The Chambers!

chamber 1 - your detox femme

Chamber 2 - your sensual siren

Chamber 3 - manifestation maven

chamber 5 - your wealthy queen

Ditch The Self Sabotage, Self Loathing & The Ugly Story That You're Meant To Be A Woman Of Power, Integrity & Riches!

Harness Your  Sensuality & Feminine Archetype & Refine & Embrace The Core Values Of The Woman You Desire To Be.

Master The Art Of Setting And Receiving Your Wildest Desires With Graceful Clarity & Soul Shaking Action.

I love the story of Anne Boleyn & Elizabeth the 1st. They were both strategic, powerful, commanded opportunities from their presence, knew exactly what they wanted and went after it. Anne's story may not have ended on a savvy note, but her daughter became an icon. As a wealthy queen, you will:

- Learn to deeply connect to your voice and communicate your needs, operate as leader and embrace strategic thinking, and high performance skills. 

- Embody your new lucious money & power mindset by cutting the final cords of poverty and lack surrounding your domain. 

- Raise your frequency on a daily basis by cleansing and releasing the expectations that you MUST be supported by a man in order to make it "and learn how a man is an added bonus to your blueprint".

- Cultivate an emotional and physical presence that is rich, alluring and displays your unfathomable power as a woman. 

- Rise from the deaths of the ash driven blueprint the world has placed you in for choosing to use your voice and into your unstoppable confidence, authority and power to create lasting change in your life forever!

Inside this atelier you will get vulnerable with your limitations & fears in order to forgive & cleanse. You will:

- Identify the top 5 baggages you're carrying that are sabotaging your growth in every area of your life

- Troubleshoot the recurring patterns you're tolerating that keeps you in hiding, people pleasing, overgiving and shaming yourself. 

- Unlock the hidden scarcity blueprint embedded in your soul from birth + release it with guilt free unapology.

- Learn the truth about why you're afraid to fully love yourself in all your rawness & how not doing so keeps you in a perpetual state of accepting scraps.

Going through this chamber allows you to begin the healing process, release the weight shame and doubt, and begin channelling your inner sensual siren for chamber 2. 

A Femme Fatale knows what she desires, she owns her power and she is not afraid to show up in her boldness. Inside this chamber, we will unlock your ability to harness your Sensual Siren, a woman who knows her worth, values and does not settle for anything less. You will:

- Unlock your divine femme archetype through tapping into your pleasure senses of touch, smell, sound, & movement". 

- Learn the unconscious victim role you're been playing that has loomed over your individual psych and shadowed your influence, charm and ability to create whatever it is that you want in your life. 

- Embrace your inner aphrodite as you dive deeply into self pleasure, richness, and your urge to connect with your true self, and burn the fragile self esteem you've been operating from.

- Learn the art of surrendering the need for validation & codependency with/from other people who DO NOT hold the key to your divine inherent power!

In film noir, the femme fatale is always portrayed as a taken from men. Money , gifts, a prize. And always snared at for it. We're no longer in the 1940's but that doesn't mean you can't learn a thing or to form that".  Through activating your Manifestation Maven you will :

- Understand the core principles of creating and having passionate sexy goals that light your soul & pursue them with courage and self reliance. 

- Release the hidden blueprint that keeps you in a weakened huntress mode who desperately chases her desires from a space of disappointment and distraction for "competition". 

- Reveal the key connection between you and your sensual siren archetype and your ability to craft your soul shaking vision for your new iconic story from a space of integrity; AND manifest with ease through the art of surrendering. 

Unearth Your Strategic Art Of Connection, Communication & Confident Presence In Order To Magnetize Abundant Opportunities In Your Life. 


Detox Femme

Sensual Siren

Manifestation Maven

Wealthy Queen

12 one-on-one 60 minutes private coaching & mentoring sessions over Zoom or Skype on On Self & Feminine Sensuality Confidence, Getting Clarity On Your Purpose & Goals, Success Mindset, & Money Makeover . "You receive 4 60-minute video strategy sessions with access to the video or phone recording for reference, replay and review. - US$12,000 VALUE"

One 1 hour VIP Onboarding Assessment Session  To troubleshoot Your NOW & Your After. "US$2,997 VALUE"

Student Vault For Bonus Access To Supplementals On The Subject Of Wealth Consciousness, Desires, & Reprogramming Your Mindset For Success & Happiness, & Sensuality As You Dive Deeper Into Your Transformation "US$1,999 VALUE"

Email Access To Me Between Each Session For Ongoing Support Via Email & Whatsapp Phone Messaging During The Hours Of 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m Monday - Thursday For 4 Weeks. "US$1,999 VALUE"

Total Value US$18,995

The Femme Discovery Kit

Immediately after joining the program, you will *instantly* get access to the welcome bonus The Playbook: A discovery guide to the embracing the brave woman in You. This Fun playbook and audio is considered your pre-work before getting started. It is the perfect way to start weaving your definition of a beautiful life before we dive in.

a Customized Gift Delivered To your Home Address.

Total Value US$1,999

You Will Receive


apply now!

deposit of us$2,500


Regular Investment is $10,00

Pay In Full: us$5,000. 

PAY IN FULL BONUS : RECEIVE EIGHT ASK ME 15-minute Emergency Calls Monthly valued at $2,997. from time to time you’ll have “quick” unforeseen questions where you need laser advice.  


YOU SAVE $1,748


+ 3 payments of us$1,416

8 X 15-minute bOOSTER CALLS


Tara Edward

I learned so much about myself during this journey.

Ava Antoine.

i got rid of my energy zappers.

Andra. W


Pamela Michelle.

we decided to have a chat over coffee, since then it's been history!


Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

Tara Edward

I learned so much about myself during this journey.

Ava Antoine.

i got rid of my energy zappers.

Andra. W



Pamela Michelle.

we decided to have a chat over coffee, since then it's been history!

Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017
Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

I'm going to be honest with you, I will not do the work for you, I will not give you the answers BUT I will help you find them within yourself. That's my purpose. To help you UNLOCK, UNLEASH & HARNESS your inner Femme Fatale.  Additionally, every woman's story is unique as such there is no one size fits all framework. That's why my private coaching is tailored to each. 

But here's what I can do for you.

I can show up for you on every call, I can show up for you via email, I can provide you with the resources and tools you need, I can brainstorm with you in order to help you get more clarity & direction, I can guide you out of the space of deplete you're stuck in BUT I CANNOT MAKE YOU DO THE WORK. 

Above all.. “I can not guarantee specific results…” and while that’s really true… I can share what clients typically accomplish in our time together.


What To Expect...


This outline is the foundation of my coaching methodology and I’ve incorporated into it the lessons, trainings as well as experience of the last 5 years of my personal life elevation process. This program is dear to my heart as it was through using this framework I was able to go from crying myself to sleep, financial crisis and giving away my self respect for the sake of pleasing others; to waking in in Paris, building a coaching business, inspiring women to shift, upgrading my finances, career, health and ultimately my life.

It is the framework that taught me the understanding of the power of self love, self respect and self care. It is the framework that showed me that my upbringing, my failures and my story was the toolkit I needed to grow, become more passionate about life. And this is why it’s only open to the women who are available & committed to doing the work!  

I'm Happy To Share The Methods I’ve Weaved Together In This Experience Have Led Women I’ve Worked With Into:

Starting their businesses from scratch even when they had no background knowledge of where to begin

Stood up to their unsupportive partner leading to him getting on the same wavelength as her..which resulted in massive momentum from speaking gigs, clients and income

Started her self love podcast after fearing that she wasn’t good enough to share her expertise with other women

Experiencing massive increase in productivity, confidence, and self-worth, energy levels, and in her career after months of deplete

Getting the courage to walk away from a toxic relationship after years of putting the other party before her and starting over with more ease

Deciding to have begin feeling more alive, having a family and taking her first bold trip to Paris with me “after letting go of the too expensive story”

Outlining their signature offers & raised their pricing from $49-$10k & selling them with more confidence

Opening up a new physical branch of their business & expanding their service portfolios

Left their dead end draining jobs & followed their soul aligned career paths, Shifted their mindsets & Transformed their way of thinking towards wealth and abundance

And much more..

The Foundation Behind My Methodology!


Femme Fatale is not a program about getting money and power over men, but more about you owning your own dormant power as a woman because you've been told that to desire more is greedy and wrong. To be assertive and bold is not feminine and unladylike. Is it?

This program is not all about you breaking out of control or using your body to get what you want. NO! Femme Fatale is an internal realignment to owning your sensuality, unlocking your confidence, unleashing your voice, and refining your mindset, and claiming the life you were meant to live, BY LEARNING THE POWER OF SHOWING UP AS A LEADER!

This immersion is for women who are committed to doing the deep inner work, releasing the garbage script and owning their ability to transform their lives in every way shape or form.

The principles we dive deeply into can be applied in every area of your life, whether relationship, business, career, family, self. It's about you fully owning your womanhood and unlocking the clarity, confidence and courage you have been searching, for years.

It's about you finally pressing that YES button on your life and creating the iconic story you will be proud of to read 30 years from now.! And it's not for the faint hearted. If you're ready for the next stage...


Fill in the coaching application form.


LET'S CHAT via zoom for a 50 minute discovery session!


SIGN YOUR CONTRACT & PAY via the method best for you!


our sessions take place & it will be amazing!


Activate your FEMME FATALE  blueprint based on your coaching.


celebrate youRSELF & YOUR NEW confident life!

The Process


Questions You May Have


Who Is this for?  My Past Clients Have Been Business Owners, Coaches, Career Ladies & Managers & My expertise is in personal development which can be applied in personal life, & business. However, this program is tailored Specifically for women in business or NEW Coaches. as we unleash your inner women, I will support you in implementing the teachings and transformation in your business  so that you can begin to make the money you're desiring to make. And Yes, The Principles Can Be Implemented In Every Other Area of your life! If you're A Women With a desire to transform the way you're showing up specifically your business, &  Mindset & way of thinking, then this is for you. 

How Do I Schedule Sessions With Menellia? As A Private Client, You Will Have Access To My Coaching Calendar & My Private Business Zoom Line. You Can Schedule Your Sessions Weekly/Bi-Weekly As Support Is Needed, But Receive A Total Of 12 x 60 Minutes Sessions. As A Private Client, You Also Receive Access To Me Via My Business What's App & Email For Ongoing Conversations During The Hours Of 9.A.M. - 5 P.M Monday To Thursday. 

What days are sessions held on? I coach on Tuesdays & most ladies prefer evenings & Weekends Other arrangements can be discussed as needed.

Is There A Payment Plan? Absolutely! You can Pay the program in 4 Payments. 

Can you guarantee specific results? I deeply believe in my ability to help you transform your your confidence, beliefs and approach to life, yourself and the work that you're doing. I believe that the Emotional & practical principals I teach can Truly revolutionize your life and career as I will be implementing my personal lessons & lessons from coaches I've worked & trained with. I believe deeply in the various components of this offer gives you EVERYTHING you need to elevate your life to a level you never thought you were capable of. 

Hi darling, Im Menellia. And I'm a lifestyle and mindset makeover coach based in the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. You've gotten a snippet of my story above but I want you to know me better before getting intimate. 

7 years ago, I my world crumbled. I was used to partying, and going about my day in a mundane way. Work all week, party all weekend. On the side, I was trying to get the funding to study biomedical engineering at the UWI Barbados after getting accepted, but kept getting rejected loans, rejected scholarship letters and I was so over it. 

I was operating on an empty tank and I desperately needed an answer. But my answer came in the form of a quarter life crisis. My apartment got mold, I needed to find a new job, and I was playing cat and mouse with a debt collector.

To make matters worse, my migraines returned as my stress levels went through the roof, my hair began to shed, and I had to sign a lease to a place I could not afford just to keep a roof over my head. 

And then my story began to shift. I received help from my friend and sister who moved in with me to split rent "in a one bedroom", I got some financial advice and got approved for my first loan "after being declined and pleaded" because the officer was a sister of a friend, got a new job so that I could at least eat and started rebuilding from there, I gave up my dream of studying biomed, and it was had, cut some cords, cut my hair and started from scratch. 

2 years later, I was on a plane to Paris, I had a new language under my belt and regained my self confidence. 1 year later, I went back to Paris, and held my first masterclass on Youtube, and that was when my purpose was born. 

In 2016, I registered my business, and spent the first 2 years funding it with my savings, as I supported over 2 dozen women locally & internationally 1:1, over 200 students in my courses & trainings, became a guest coach to some of my coach friends private masterminds and memberships, shared my message via radio, podcast & television interviews, developed my methodology, invested in personal development, mindset & business coaching. And we are. 

I have walked a mile similar to the one you're walking, and I can tell you that if you decide to no longer show up for mediocrity, and become available for next level abundance, more confidence and high quality results in your life, wild dreams and goals, it can happen. This is what we get to create together. Again, Nothing I have done matters if I can’t teach you to do the same. Are you ready? 


Work Published In||Interviews On||Talks Given


xx Menellia



Results & Earning Disclaimer : There Are No Guarantees Concerning The Level Of Success You May Experience Through Working With Me. My Work & Material Are NOT To Be Interpreted As A Promise Of Your Success, Earnings, Or Results. The Testimonials On This Page Are True Results Of My Clients, Based On Their Application Of The Lessons & Actions Derived From Our Coaching. As Such, our Results Will Vary And Will Be Based On Your Personal Abilities, Experience, Knowledge, Capabilities, As Well As Other Variables Outside Of Our Control, Including Factors We Or You Have Not Anticipated. The Use Of The Services Provided Should Be Based On Your Own Due Diligence And You Agree That We “Flamingo Consulting Agency by Menellia Valcent” Is Not Liable For Your Success Or Failure.