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Fun Ways To Welcome Spring


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I’m lucky to enjoy “summer” year-round in my region, and I do not formally welcome spring. However, I do love the idea of new beginnings. Spring is a season of restoration. It’s normal to feel thrilled to usher in the new season after a long winter for some and for others like myself. If you desire a fresh start in some area of your life, now is the best time to implement it. Here are five fun ways to welcome spring.

1. Spring Clean Your Home

Routinely for years, I’ve always done a spring clean. I love the feeling of new curtains, a super-clean floor I went the extra mile for, no hidden dust bunnies, and fresh flowers. It’s like creating a new space without actually moving into one. If you haven’t decluttered your home in a minute, now is a great time to roll up your sleeves, put on some music, and start fresh. You may spend more time dancing than cleaning at first, but it’s a great way to welcome newness. To wrap it up, bring out the beautifully scented candle, vibrant floral cushions and coverings for a luxurious feel. You can always grab some from your local supermarket, or if you’re in splurge mode, try those below, like these from Liberty London.

2. Plant A Garden

What better time to start a backyard garden than this year? With the cost of food rising, if you want to embrace healthier eating habits, why not start here? You don’t need much space to begin, and if you live in a concrete yard like me, a balcony garden can work perfectly for a small apartment space. Start with quick-growing foods like lettuce, chives, spring beans, and fresh herbs. To add some fun color to your space, add some flowers. Tulips, daffodils, or even some desert rose cacti will bloom beautifully in the summer. Not only will you enjoy your fruits, but you’re also contributing to the environment. Plus, look out for the birds on a Saturday morning.

3. Have A Picnic or Brunch

Last year, I hosted a beautiful vision board brunch session with my friends to welcome a new chapter of our lives. We had delicious food and laughter. We sat on the floor and outlined our goals for the next two years. Why not do the same? If you’ve been slacking off or have forgotten your goals for the year, maybe some fresh energy can ignite that spark in them. You don’t have to go all out with brunch, but you can have a picnic. Take it outside, enjoy the sunshine, and journal on a blanket in the park. Or create your home picnic if you prefer that as well. Make it exciting, and invite some of your closest friends to join you. If you’re feeling adventurous, plan a hike or nature walk before settling down for your picnic at the end.

4. Try A New Sport

My friends and I have been doing one outdoor activity a month. The older you get, the more comfortable your home gets. While we started with events and brunches, two upcoming activities are trying something outside our comfort zones, like river rafting and kayaking. Am I afraid? Of course, but it will be so much fun. Spring is the perfect time to try a new outdoor sport or activity. You can try hiking, biking, kayaking, or rock climbing. There are endless options. Not only will you put in that rewarding exercise, but being in the fresh air can do wonders for the mind, body, and soul. Don’t be afraid to try something super new to you! p.s. get some cute outfits below

5. Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Lastly, upgrade your wardrobe. Typically, post-winter, you will be inclined to change out your closet items. But this spring, add some vibrant colors. I’m all about a capsule-style wardrobe most times, but there’s something beautiful that wearing color does to your mood. Try some more pinks, flowers, yellows, and patterns, and have fun experimenting with your style. Add a bit of feminine essence with fabrics like chiffon and silk, like these beautiful pieces below. You will enjoy it, and it’s a fun way to welcome spring.

These are just a few examples of fun ways to welcome spring, but there are so many more.

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