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7 Soft Skills Every Lady Should Master

Having interpersonal skills helps you with a better understanding that everyone is different, don't act or react the same way you would; which in turns gives you a better grasp at empathy & self-expression. Interpersonal skills also allow you to be more open and engaging with others,speaking asking questions more confidently & partaking in a group setting. "put aside that introversion for a bit shall we". Not only that, it helps you cooperate more effectively with different types of people on both a professional & personal basis. 

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10 Kickass Productivity Tips For Girlbosses!

Create a Morning Routine & STICK TO IT!!A year ago, when I woke up at 5:30 a.m my first thoughts were "YES, 1 more hour of amazing rest. But I never looked at it as one hour I lost, since I could have been doing something much more productive. After all, I am usually already well rested by 5:30a.m. Today, after trials & errors of course, my morning routine has become so regimented that my body involuntarily wakes up, puts on the kettle, writes down my affirmation for the day using a few snazzy mantra cards, and have

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