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3 Life Changing Lessons I Learned During My First Trip To Paris!

My confidence lesson came in that moment. Because in that moment, I realised that I had allowed others to control, rule, and take advantage of my innocence. I never stood up for myself, I was a major cry baby, and I always loved pleasing others before I pleased myself. That moment shared with me my inner power to for once say NO! No to being ridiculed about my desires, no to being judged about loving what I did openly, and no to being taken advantage of anymore. 

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4 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are common. Whether you're a biz woman, blogger, career gal, mamma...we all have it sometimes and it's should not be ignored. Specking from experience I know the level of physical pain neglecting your overwhelming stress levels can cause. From neck stiffness to migraines I've personally felt them. And as a recovering workaholic, "recovering"' I have learned some very effective and quick ways to relieve myself of the extra chitter chatter going on, the to-do list overwhelms and cultivated more elegant success in my life. 

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How to sleep better at nights!

The moment we peacefully wake from lalalaland is everyone's dream morning. No grumpiness, no sore body, no insomniatic left overs from the night before. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy the luxury of a good night's rest they all so rightfully deserve. The good news is, there are ways and means to help you fall into sweet slumber by tweaking up your routine.

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