A Genius Hack To Upgrading Your Wardrobe

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You're standing in front of your wardrobe, closet doors flung wide open, hanging full of shirts, dresses skirts and shorts staring you right in the face. But there's one major problem. You can't seem to find anything to wear. But how so, after all what do you call these essentials at the forefront of your eyes?This usually happens for two reasons, the first being we have over worn and outgrown our current capsule or the second they just don't fit anymore but some sentimental "but this is my favourite dress, or I just need to lose some weight or gain some value" Cut the bs...because you very well know that every time you take it out for some "AIR", a try on or "I'm gonna wear this today".. you put it right back. Guess what.. It's time for an upgrade and and update, and you can easily update your wardrobe without spending too much all at once..

But before you do so slow down.. there is no need to go splurging on every I need this and this piece of clothing just because it is trending or you can probably maybe pair it with this and that without giving any thought to it. As aspiring stylists or fashion bloggers, upgrading our wardrobe should be done with careful consideration or what resonates with our personalities and of course a few trends. An example. The collection portrayed above can provide you with THREE different outfits choices just by adding TWO additions unto the staples. "Jeans-Tee-Boots". Add and change accesories for good measure..

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Here's what to do before you take out the debit, credit or cash and run to the nearest fashion/clothing site you can think of. 


Do an overhaul, go through every piece of item in your wardrobe and get ride of everything you haven't worn in the past year first off...then everything in the past 6 months you probably will never bother to try on again.If it means taking it to the salvation army or having a depop sale should you want to gain something from it.. because trust me "I know what it feels like to part ways with my favourite pair of shoes" .


Building a wardrobe from scratch is actually quite easier than you think. If you need  to do an instant splurge, write down a list of basic pieces YOU NEED. Pieces you will be able to get more than one to five or more outfit choices from. This generally includes tees, jeans, pair of flats,a jacket,blouses, a simple handbag, simple pair of heels, scarf, boots and belt, a nice skirt..etc.. Pay attention to select neutral tones such as white, beige, greys, camels, blacks, navys & if you're feeling a little risky "not really" add some light pinks and olive tones to it. There you have it. See how easy that was. You could also take this to a more practical scheme and by creating collages on Polyvore as I do in this example. This will give you a visual on how many outfits can I create with this one piece then decide whether or not it's worth the investment. Plus Polyvore provides you with access to multiple multiple shopping site options..so fear not if you're searching for budget friendly. 

A Genius Hack To Upgrading Your Wardrobe! #styletips #confidence #goalsetting #selfgrowth #successhabits #chicwardrobe #frenchchic.png


Yes Trends.. but hold off for one minute. When I say trends I don't mean recreating every single outfits you see trending on instagram nor investing in pieces which are the current rave. I am a minimalist at heart with a slight crave for a riskAY look once in a while...therefore I ONLY follow instagram fashion bloggers,brands which resonates with my personality for inspiration. Just because it is IN , doe NOT mean that you HAVE to add it to you wardrobe. Let's say ok you did...fast forward to "next season", now what? Was that investment worth it. When adding trending pieces to your new wardrobe, think of how long you will be able to wear it, and how comfortable you will feel wearing it when it "goes out of style". 


Now that you've gotten the basics in place, your color scheme and wardrobe is ready to build upon. The key now is to to build on that. As time progresses, gradually add pieces YOU LOVE into your new wardrobe and build on it. Remember to keep it in sync with your personal style & add pieces you will be able to get multiple outfits from it. Add accessories, necklaces, handbags, rings, watches..signature pieces you can use and reuse in multiple outfit choices.


After all you wanna say "but that's my favourite dress again in 2 years or more right" .

Here Are Some Essential Wardrobe Basics You Can Start Incorporating




I wanna know if you're stuck wondering...what am I doing wrong? How can I be the woman I secretly desire to be. Not too long ago I found myself at that crossroad. I was unfulfilled, stagnant and spent way too many hours in tears and confusion. And I broke that cycle. Wanna know what it is? Your Joy Factor!

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