A simple formula for happiness!!

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Happy Friday

June is literally flyingggggggggggg like there is no tomorrow so this is me checking in..

Have you ever had a heart to heart with yourself about all the things you SHOULD have accomplished by now? I should have more savings, I should have more experience, I should have more this that....but have you really asked yourself ..by who's expectations? Yours or someone else's?

Who dictated to you that this is what your life should be by a certain age? Well , if you have been listening to anyone else but yourself about how your life should be defined, you may have felt the sting of beating yourself up. And blaming yourself for not "catching up", for not being "successful" for not being "where you're supposed to be".And it's definitely not serving you. 

But here's the thing, the formula for success and a happy life is simply this

'Your Life Circumstances matching your expectations" = happiness.

When what you're living matches what YOU genuinely think & believe it should be, this is where the big bang happens.

Let's test this out. Ask yourself this one question 'what is the one thing or things you're happy about the most right now in your life? And why is that?"  If you're happy because it's because of your genuine expectations, how can you apply this to the other areas you're currently battling?

Share your responses with me. Why are you happy in this one area of your life but not in the others?And what would you like to do about it? 

I will be checking in again soon, so until next time...

xx Bisous

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