The Importance Of Being Fully Present


Comparison is the thief of joy! And by that I mean comparison between two state of characters. Where you are & where you want to be. It is quite easy to get carried away into the realm of "I can't wait to be ... in my life", and neglect being fully present in your current moment. And I too am guilty of that....sometimes.It's safe to say that the majority, if not all of us long for the improvement our lifestyles into something a bit more extravagant,be in travel more, make more money, enjoy the richness of what we "see others doing"

But at the same time, the present moment also presents immense wonder and joy. Have you ever had the moment where you can remember every single detail of an event shortly passed. Or maybe long passed. And you smile, and marvel at the reminiscence? It's wonderful isn't it.

The art of allowing yourself to embrace where you are and who you are in a current moment is important for lifelong fulfillment. It is important for great luscious memories... if we could use that word.. It is important to embrace that moment for growth and self awareness...whilst at the same time, stretching out to that wanting lifestyle.... 

It's called GRATITUDE!!

 xx Bisous