Why You Should Be Making Resolutions!

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At this time every year, millions of people make the decision that they won't set resolutions for the new year for fear of disappointment in themselves and their desires. Because the discipline to actually take action upon them fade after 30+ days. 

The worst part is, that without resolutions we have no direction, thus end the year once again at the same or similar point in our lives.You see the problem really isn't that resolutions don't work but that human nature tends to override the capacity to avoid the sparkly syndrome. Have you ever thought about how your life would pan out if you ACTUALLY took the time out to set an intention? An intention of what is it that you really desire based on YOUR OWN calling?

The reason why most if not all resolutions fail is that they weren't yours, to begin with. We live in a world of comparison & fear and our decision-making capacity follows the same suit. How can I be as successful as Oprah? How can I become a top blogger like Chiara Ferragni?Yes, I can assure you that if you went into reflective mode this instant, you probably will derive that most of your failed dreams & resolutions were as a result of you desiring to have what someone else had, to be like someone else, to live like someone else. 

The biggest fail in human history is that we fail to think for ourselves sometimes. We fail to understand ourselves and we fail to acknowledge ourselves. Thus we lose control of our beings and haphazardly plan, decide and create based on how our achievements will make the outside world perceive and love us. 

It's time for a new page, a new chapter, a new opportunity.


Here's a question - What story would you like to write with you as the heroine? Think about this for a minute.

As you step into the new year, my only wish for you is that you embrace prosperity, love, self-confidence and all that you desire. This year may or may not have been a tough year for you, but regardless, rest assured that with faith, trust, and guidance you can create the life you want. 

Integrate all the successes you've accumulated over the past years, and by that I mean really take the time out to understand and reflect on "who you've become" and more importantly "who you desire to be more". And then set an INTENTION or "resolution" that really lights up your soul; because without that, we're just floating in the wind with the hope that we will be caught someday by the right branch.

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I hope that you write a book that fills your life with love, gladness & success.

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