's NOT your coaches job to change your life, nor YOUR job to change your clients lives!

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I was a really good victim...


I always said that the books didn't give me results

The coach lied...this doesn't work

These clients are lying they did not make 6 figures

I am dojng everything they said to do but nothing is working

AND IN THE END I became a very good scarcity whore 🙄🙄


I realised that it's NOT the coaches, books or videos responsibility to get me results. That was on me.

And it wasn't MY JOB EITHER to get results

The moment I shifted that energy and started showing up for me and showing up for the type of clients I wanted to magnetize, the results magnetized

Meaning I became a vibrational match to my desired results and outcomes and startes to work from that energy

I started calling in the women who were committed to do the freaking work and committed to themselves instead of those who had all the excuses I myself had

I started shifting my attitude and mindset and became the woman I desired to be.

Hit the play button to understand what I mean…


Is your desire to drop the victim mentality and finally magnetize the manifestation you're craving?

If you...

  •  You desire a life you are completely & wildly obsessed with

  •  You are ready for more meaning and purpose in your career

  •  Begin to live a life of passion, purpose and joy — as you experience greater fulfillment in your business/ career and life.

  • More than anything, you really really want to become the “change-maker” you dream of being and create impact in the world

Let’s Radically Shift Your Thinking, Your Decision-Making, The Connections You Make And The Actions You Take In Order To:

  • Create & Reach What Seems Like Impossible Goals In Your Life & Business

  • Identify And Take The Most Aligned Action Step In Your Life As You Thrive In Your Career Or Business

  • Experience More Wealth With Confidence, And Once And For All Let Go Of The Scarcity & Fear

  • And Above All, Cultivate The Life You Have Been Dying For And Dreaming Of Creating With Excitement