Overcoming The Impostor Syndrome To Be The Ultimate #Girlboss

Hey Hey Ladies.... We're back with another episode of the Personal Development Cafe & today I have a special guest from The Poise Pursuit - Etiquette & Image Consultant Devoreaux Walton.

If you are newly starting out in the online business, comparing yourself to someone who’s been running your business for 10, 15, 20 years, it like comparing yourself to holding an apple and orange in either hand...
— D.Walton

This month we will be serving you amazing girlbosses with some wisdom on how to own your goals as a coach. And in the first installment we will be we sharing with you some tips and tricks on how to really overcome the dreaded Impostor Syndrome. Feeling like a fraud, not good enough, and the inner situation that keeps you on edge with owning your worth and succeeding as a coach. 

We all experience it in the beginning, and sometimes you have to pull yourself together when you're just starting, learning the ropes and really get the right support. Get comfy, your pen, paper, and wine because you deserve to be here. You deserve to and are meant to do what you're doing as a coach. You can learn more about and connect personally with Devoreaux Walton + get your style plug over on The Poise Pursuit...

A business doesn’t happen overnight. When the time is right, when the time is perfect for you to receive what’s rightfully yours, it will manifest!
— M.Valcent

p.s. We also have a live masterclass coming up next week on owning your goals and desires in a smart savvy way...and you do not wanna miss it. Register here to get on the list..



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