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With the coming end of the summer season (well to some), I would love to share with you, my best summer moment. Location Paris. 

The highly anticipated, overly prepared trip (because I am a planner) did not disappoint. I must say that I was never one to really want the "cliche" experience. I always wanted to visit Greece(still do), until recently going to Paris knocked it lower down the list. How did it happen, I joined a penpal website (yes these still exist) because I decided that I wanted to expand my reach to people all over the world and maybe make some meaningful lifelong friendships. Yes! And so far I have succeeded. Salut Floriane et al. 

I must say the preparation was a bit extensive, but I enjoyed every bit of it, including the impromptu dates on rue Montorgeuil. (Gotta love tinder and let's go to dinner alone decisions). Ok. So first a long 13-hour flight, inclusive of transfers via Martinique safely brought me to the streets of Paris. Admittedly maneuvering around the airport Orly, including finding a charging port, and free WiFi took some time, but I as soon I boarded the taxi, the excitement overshadowed my immense fatigue. 

Greeted by my lovely landlord's friend Matilde on rue d'aboukir in the 2eme, the beautifully decorated studio looked exactly as it looked in the Paris Attitude pics. The communication from both parties was beyond excellent, even meeting the Agent Shadi and I was not disappointed (insert whistle ..)..

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Fast forward to the who cares about sleep right now I am in Paris moment, quick shower, and an excellent technique of hiding my puffy tired eyes, I quickly pulled on a floral maxi and hit the streets. Greeted by swarms of tourists, locals, food and exquisite architecture,(my favourite thing) I was ready for my 2-week stay!!

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  • Accidentally stumbling upon La Tour Eiffel "Like how can that even happen right"

  • Lunch and dinners at Bianco (Met some wonderful people and new friends there, and the cocktails..I am from the Caribbean!! Hello cliche?

  • And my most favourite - Spending a day in the lovely Montmartre. ( I have chosen my future home)

Eiffel tower.jpg
The louvre.jpg
  • Of course there was the shopping, macarons at Lauderee ( which smells and looks like heaven- The decor is to die for),

  • The 2nd arroundisment if one of my favourite central locations to stay, but if you want more "relaxed, less touristy< definitely stay in the 12th arronissment "Rue de Charenton" is perfect, and puts you centrally along the main line 3 giving you easy access to ALL PARTS OF PARIS & OUTSIDE".


  • Wine lovers like myself will have an apreciation for the intimacy of le P'tit cou de la girafe in the bastille area - great wine selection "& btw you can order your entire bottle right off the shelves", and amazing chacuterie board selections. "p.s they do not skip out on the refill of french baguette"


  • If you want a more relaxing atmosphere, escape to the streets of montmarte. HANDS DOWN.. It's like there's an expectation of "quiet zen" in this old paris quater, and it takes you "back in time" to that Audrey Hepburn movie scene in Funny Face."If you haven't watched it, what are you waiting for?" or


  • JARDIN DU LUXEMBOURG a spitting image of a scene from Madeline (take me back to my childhood pretty please);

Jardin du luxermbourg.jpg
Jardin du luxembourg.jpg
Menellia In Paris.jpg

Tips & Lessons

  • If you are going in the summer, definitely be prepared for both HOT and CHILLY days and nights. Funny weather.

  • Learn the metro system. Kinda confusing at first, but after two guided rides, you will master it.


  • Even though you select on foot, google maps will map out the longest possible route for you to get from destination a-b. Instead, have the live map open, and if you know where you want to go, zoom in and map it out yourself.

  • Act like a local. If you don't know a local, then research what locals do, places to hang out to meet locals and you will enjoy Paris. The touristy stuff is nice, but the local stuff is nicer.

Menel In Paris.jpg


  • Bastille day (Air show, Eiffel tower fireworks, balle de pompiers, make friends,)

  • And of course, the typical museums, et al. You can check out Girls guide to Paris,Paris Attitude's Facebook Page and Bonjour Paris newsletters with regular guides for every month of the year. Honestly, I can't wait to get back and I am already planning my next trip. :)

What was your most faved summer experience. Share please.xx Bisous

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