Here's How Comparison Is Destroying Your Happiness..

Here's How Comparison Is Destroying Your Happiness.. (1).png

Hey there lovely courageous lady, welcome back to another episode of the #highstyledlife cafe & today we're gonna be talking about comparing yourself to others. 

Do you ever find yourself comparing yourself to your friends, family members, strangers & you have this pang in your heart that stings a little becuase you feel like you should be on the same wavelength as then?

Like you're missing out on so much? I've been there. And I've learnt how to focus on my story and what's going on for me. And there's one thing that we all should pay attention to. And that's out unique story. Our unique roadmap in life. 

Sadly, from a tender age we're fed what to do , how to live, what to say, how to act, what is success and what isn't success. And that roadmap doesn't feel fulfilling becuase it doesn't reflect your unique story. 

However, when you find that you have not been able to create your unique life and story it can feel soooo frustrating and overwhelming. So how do you realise what your uniqueness is, what your unique story is and finding a way to create it? Listen on in today's podcast. 

How did you enjoy today's episode? Do you already know what story your soul is calling you to write? Join the conversation below!

Until next time. 

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