What Will The New Year Bring You + Confession Time

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wowwww... it's almost official that the year is over...we only have a mere 18.5 days left.Question,did you complete all the things you desires in 2017? Were you your most present & productive self?

You know last week I spent majority of the week in trainings, coachings and a debriefing session with a world renowned master success coach who coaches the likes of Usher & other millionaire celebrities. It was AHMAZINGGGGG and it was also a definite eye opener. 

I knew that 2017 was indeed a rough year for me, but when I put it all down on paper & added a value to each area of my life, I realised..well damnnn. Now I'm not saying that it sucked, in fact  I had some majorly amazing milestones this year, but there were also some pitfalls. Some I could have avoided in fact, but I happened to sweep them under the rug for a while. Like the fact that I really wasn't emotionally happy this year going into my job. I spent the majority of the middle of 2017 feeling depressed and only seeked helped during the month of September. This week is actually our final week together in paid coaching and support and it was such a transformative journey. 

There are many quick hacks on the internet on how to be happy, how to be successful, how to be this and that..but I know first hand the amount of work and support you need in order to REALLLLLY TRANSFORM. And I have strived to be EXTRA in every piece of content, package, program, freebie I put out there. Because I want my community of women to get a solution "no matter how small or BIG for that matter'

This is why I need your help. 

As I looked at the view of fort rodney here, with my neice being very sassy in the background "lol", I began planning my vision for 2018 & realised that I want my community to be part of the programs & tools creation for the upcoming year". My ultimate aim is to be as effectivley impactful to you as possible & I need your help. Which is why before I finalise anything, I want to know what your number one struggle is right now & what does a solution look like to you?p.s. you can privately tell me this using this form.

Not many women are asked this question. What do you want? And not many are given the opportunity to really understand what they really want and thus create it. That's why many of us find ourselves lingering into each day feeling...unfulfilled, drained, angry, sad, tired....

I want to shift that. I want to disrupt your reality by asking you to be more self aware. To be present and really allow yourself to look you in the mirror and ask "hmmm what  are You not happy with right now  in your life INSERT YOUR NAME? What are you honestly struggling with and what do you want? What do you need to do to get it?

These simple questions are really indeed powerful and are going to allow you to "take intentional and effective action" with the help of support as you step into the new year.

So share with me in this private form what's your challenge?

Merci et Bisous 


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by Menellia ValcentComment