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Why You Should Be Valuing Your Self Worth More

You are the one who gives permission to people on how they see you. Put yourself out there in a strong, courageous, confident way! You have the power to say YES OR NO.... You have the power of CHOICE... & if you don't know what you're worth, then hunni you are constantly going to sabotage your life

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How to Cultivate A Healthy Relationship With Yourself!

Diane Von F once said that : the best relationship with yourself is the one you have with yourself & there has never been any truer words. Ever felt like you need to be accepted, or you have trouble attracting the write people into your life. . Well, you're doing it wrong. Seeking approval outside of ourselves can be detrimental to our relationships with ourselves. Listen to this week's episode & find out why you should be focusing on you for the next 6 months and beyond.. xx Menellia

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Harnessing The Power Of Your Confidence With Shamelessness!

If you have signed up for the Confidence Booster Challenge you will know that April is the month of BUILDING CONFIDENCE, & if you haven't you can sign up right HERE!. So in the spirit of things, I am keeping this month's podcasts centered around the topic. In this episode you will learn the 1st & 2nd steps to building more confidence as well as some bonus tips. So grab yourself a mini snack bar, or some wine, your handy notebook & let's get started. LISTEN HERE.

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