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How To Easily Be Inspired To Take Action

Think Happy Thoughts, DO Happy things, and smoothly flow into the week with Said Happiness. "Until Wednesday Hits at least" You know what i'm talking about.. For me, being inspired comes fairly easy. I admit I have my slump moments.. but on the minority side. How do I do it?"First"READING!!(Blogs, Online, an Exciting book etc). 

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Planning Your Parisian Summer Rendezvous - Practical Tips

I must say the preparation was a bit extensive, but I enjoyed every bit of it, including the impromptu dates on rue Montorgeuil. (Gotta love tinder and let's go to dinner alone decisions). Ok. So first a long 13-hour flight, inclusive of transfers via Martinique safely brought me to the streets of Paris. Admittedly maneuvering around the airport Orly, including finding a charging port, and free WiFi took some time, but I as soon I boarded the taxi, the excitement overshadowed my immense fatigue.

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