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Success Tips You Could Learn From The Movie "Hidden Figures"

Following the recent #womensmatch in January, it's safe to say that women want to be super empowered regardless of their skin color. Now,I admit that I do not live in America,and have never felt the need to proove my worth to another race,but I imagine the ordeal they are faced with on the daily "and I know that I will probablty get some raised eybrows for this but", so it remains. 

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A Simple & Effective 3 Step Strategy To Remain Motivated

And then there's the failure part. How do you even start to face it when you feel overshadowed by all the negatives and drowning in nothingness. There's a way. And I shared four ways to overcome it in my post back in march. But the reality remains that these circumstances will continuously surface. You will be challenged. You will be backed up against a wall. And you will feel drained from repeatedly working your ass of to that forward momentum. Because if you want to succeed, motivation along with commitment works hand in hand. 

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