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How To Stop Underestimating Yourself

Now I am a huge advocate of investing in yourself. But the lesson learned here was INVEST IN THE RIGHT PLACES! So maybe, you're about to invest in another business coach when what you really need is marketing strategy nailed, or life and mindset vamped up. The point is 'WHY ARE YOU UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF? Listen to today's episode below and share with us your thoughts. 

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Why You Should Be Making Resolutions!

The biggest fail in human history is that we fail to think for ourselves sometimes. We fail to understand ourselves and we fail to acknowledge ourselves. Thus we lose control of our beings and haphazardly plan, decide and create based on how our achievements will make the outside world perceive and love us.

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The Only Question You Need To Ask For More Clarity!

Introspection time. The cusp of a new year dawns and every make it happen millennial who "didn't make it happen"  is scrambling to put together that new list of goals. But what if instead a review was done to ensure that a repetition of the year almost gone doesn't come to pass. 

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How to raise your wealth consciousness!

How can you begin to live that lifestyle now? That abundant, exciting, liberating energizing  lifestyle? Here's one way, by feeling into that wealth of abundance you've been desiring every single moment you get to and then....allowing yourself to manifest and receive it. 

We give so much of us to others as we continue to day dream about what's available to us..And insted of using or minds to create it, we shy away in the shadows of "I could never make this happen"

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What to do if you keep missing your goals...

Here's the thing, setting & writing SMART goals are NOT enough.. Setting SMART goals & being enthusiastic about it is not enough to realise them. There is a secret ingredient & today I'm sharing it with you in today's podcast.You will find out WHY you keep missing your target & what you can do about it.

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