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Have you allowed your self worth to plummet in your relationships? Here’s how to recognize that & what to do about it!

Once again, we want to be perfect. We do not like having the spotlight on us in the negative way. And it's part of the process of growing and it releasing and creating that's sexy, vibrant being and lifestyle and this empowered femme, that woman that you deeply want to become. So let's talk a little bit about self-worth and the relationships that you're holding onto. And I want to share with you a few signs that yard, there's a correlation, a deep correlation with what you're allowing and how you're feeling in terms of your self-worth; as a woman and, um, the relationships that you are keeping in relationships as women, many of us tend to always be the over giver. If you have ever done an Enneagram test, um, which is pretty much like a personality test, then you will find that there are different personality traits that will pretty much represent, um, the kind of person that you are or the characteristics that you possess that really sometimes you may be wondering like, why do I keep doing those things and you're not sure…definitely go ahead and you could check out the Enneagram test to learn more about that. But my enneagram test and even in my brand archetype there are pretty much the same.

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