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4 Essential Life Lessons Becoming A Blogger & Life Coach Taught Me & What You Can Takeaway From That

Putting yourself out there on the www where billions of people have access to 'you' can seem a bit intimidating at first. I have been through the phase where I started to write a post, pictures, rich content the works 'in my opinion', and ended up not posting it; because I didn't feel confident enough about it, & I feared poor reception of course. However, as time progressed, regular posting, and engaging with other bloggers I have become more open, relaxed and become so much more confident in myself! If I write a post.. I know that "someone" will read it and be inspired and to me that's my motivation.

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How to enjoy the process of creating a life you desire.

I wanna ask you a quick question before you hit play. Whatever you're currently doing in your life, be it building an online business, building your blog, etc, can you honestly say that you are enjoying the process of doing it? If your answer is yes, then this podcast is not for you, but if it's no,if you feel like it's becoming a  burden, a lack of joy, a task....then continue on to pressing play. 

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