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4 Quick Ways To Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety are common. Whether you're a biz woman, blogger, career gal, mamma...we all have it sometimes and it's should not be ignored. Specking from experience I know the level of physical pain neglecting your overwhelming stress levels can cause. From neck stiffness to migraines I've personally felt them. And as a recovering workaholic, "recovering"' I have learned some very effective and quick ways to relieve myself of the extra chitter chatter going on, the to-do list overwhelms and cultivated more elegant success in my life. 

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How To Integrate Your Successes,Failures & Life Lessons For Maximum Transformation

Most of us miss out on embracing, learning or enjoying the successes along the way. Here's a flashback to my first live lunch and coaching session, it was intimate, but it was a hugeee leap. I was nervous, but a few sips of wine, some engagement and I comfortably got into my element.

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Want to change your life? Here's 3 go to tips to get you started.

It was also the year that I made the “adult” decision to make some serious sacrifices and decision in terms of longstanding friendships, getting out of my comfort zone and cutting my hair off and most importantly finances. Being on cloud 10 of your life to have it all suddenly ripped from you will leave you with 2 decisions. The unfortunate first option of giving up and succumbing to and endless depression, or the second, grabbing the reins and developing ways to start your life over; the latter being my choice.

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