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The Importance Of Self Care When Starting An Online Business

I was giving a minimal 1% to myself. I lacked sleep, I lacked exercise, and food became somewhat of a luxury “eat when possible”. Sadly, this led to a burnout. Overwhelmed and the feeling of “failure”; and at this point, I knew that I had to do something about it. If I wanted true lasting change and to create the massive impact I wanted to create I had to start taking care of myself.

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4 Ways To Love Your Mondays

Monday morning, still sleepy, still grouchy, still weekend lagged... & the last thing on your mind is going to work...You would rather be at a party, lounging by a pool, sunbathing on the beach,,, or just boring ole laying in bed. Like Me..Well... how do you intend to pay your bills? With grains of sand? How are you gonna afford that upcoming luxurious trip (unless you won the lottery) which we all know is the hardest thing to do on the planet.... (insert side eye.. I swear that thing is just.... ).. Here are some tips to alleviating the famous Monday Blues. 

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