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Mastering the art of cultivating a beautiful life

And like Audrey, if we can give ourselves the space to reflect, to be creative, to be present is where we actually create the life we're trying to create. You know success doesn' mean having tonnes of money in your bank account, or being able to travel the world all the time " to some that's the definition" but what is your definition? And a beautiful life must be part of the equation.

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I went from depressed to living a life I love! & it took me 5 years to get here completely!

And it was a marvelous transition. All the lessons and trials I've learned and gone through over the past 5 years, I would never trade them for anything. I will take the pain, but I will also take the pleasure. Because it's  through pain that we learn how to color our lives and define it into our own version of what it means to be "high styled".

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4 Life Lessons To Learn From Dior's Raf Simons?

How did this furniture and interior designer get into the world of fashion? I can imagine "Transferring of Skills." So you did not earn a degree in a fashion design but have a love for the field. In the words of Iris Apfel or so to speak "Fashion is much more than that"! You got some killer administrative skills, finance skills, editing etc etc.. hello... there is a department at one of those fashion houses waiting for you with a welcome mat, but of course, the basic knowledge will be needed "just an example". This goes for everything in life. The brain is created to adaptive learning. If you put the effort, time and passion into something, grasping it will come easy. But don't expect to succeed overnight, because there will be trial and error moments.Just keep on learning and keep on moving.

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