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Mastering The Art Of Balancing Self Care And Business!

Creating an online biz can be super exciting, but at the same time, extremely time consuming. And unknowingly, we end up putting our self care on the backburner. But no more. In this episode, I share a few tips on how to change that, in order to effectively grow your business. If you loved this episode, make sure to come on over to leave a comment down below on how you've been neglecting your self care. 

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The Importance Of Self Care When Starting An Online Business

I was giving a minimal 1% to myself. I lacked sleep, I lacked exercise, and food became somewhat of a luxury “eat when possible”. Sadly, this led to a burnout. Overwhelmed and the feeling of “failure”; and at this point, I knew that I had to do something about it. If I wanted true lasting change and to create the massive impact I wanted to create I had to start taking care of myself.

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