4 Life Lessons To Learn From Dior's Raf Simons?

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Well, if you are like me,"up until this point" you might have been like, "who is Raf Simons?" from the title of this post. Yes. shamelessly admitting I had no idea who he was until that headliner from my subscription lists  from The Man Repeller. Yet I chose to read on and do a little research because one I am a Secret Private Eye and two "Dior" being in the title and well hello, and we all know that name.. right??I was quite intrigued with the results retrieved on the internet about the "supposed soon to be ex" Creative Director of Dior, which of course, gave me more motivation .. and of course, sharing a few lessons from my findings. So as this Interior & Furniture Designer turned Fashion Designer and Creative Director for the House of Dior says adios to the label; let's learn a few things from him, shall we?

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How did this furniture and interior designer get into the world of fashion? I can imagine "Transferring of Skills." So you did not earn a degree in a fashion design but have a love for the field. In the words of Iris Apfel or so to speak "Fashion is much more than that"! You got some killer administrative skills, finance skills, editing etc etc.. hello... there is a department at one of those fashion houses waiting for you with a welcome mat, but of course, the basic knowledge will be needed "just an example". This goes for everything in life. The brain is created to adaptive learning. If you put the effort, time and passion into something, grasping it will come easy. But don't expect to succeed overnight, because there will be trial and error moments.Just keep on learning and keep on moving.

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Offen times we are oh so comfortable in our safe zone the idea of even putting a toe outside of that doesn't even cross out mind. Why would I delve into something I know nothing about? Why should I waste my time learning something new all over again? Or my money for that matter? It's too late to start over!Well, How would you know? You didn't even try!!

Making excuses have become so habitual we sometimes. don't even realise we are doing it even during the process. Except when of course, the self-evaluation sessions come in late down the line. Even if it's a small step forward, Raf Simons life story should be a lesson to start somewhere. Now I am NOT telling you to quit your job and start from scratch of anything... but you get the point!

Being yourself, leads to collaborations with "you never know who", and of course opportunities "which by the way, you yourself can create such as his independent Raf Simons Label". The self-trained menswear designer  got encouragement from then "head of the fashion department at Antwerp Royal Academy Linda Loppa' when he wanted to do something out of the box. Something he became intrigued by after being invited to his first fashion show hosted by Martin Margiela during 1991's Paris Fashion Week. Having the right people in your corner can do you a whole lotta good. Be it a confidant, a moral supporter, a mentor, or a really good friend who is all about your success. So does being yourself, and saying a casual hello to a stranger you admire, can also open windows of opportunities as experienced in blogging  and life in general.



If you are doing something for the wrong reasons, you will fail at it eventually. Have a true passion about whatever endeavour you undertake. Care about who it's going to affect, and how. If you take a job just for the money, by the first year, maybe less.. you will be miserable. You will do it, but do you really want to?

What motivating tips have you learnt from fashion gurus?  xxx.

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