How To Fully Embrace Living Your Best Life!

How To Fully Embrace Living Your Best Life! #motivation #joy #lifestyletips.png

Happy Tuesday my lovely.

Although currently, I am trying my best to ignore the pain/pressure being placed on my left cheek/jawbone from a growing wisdom tooth. And it's actually making me quite irritable,a bid lucid and quite relaxed "from the medication of course". Do you ever feel this way?

Do you ever feel that you have so much to do and so little time. And that highly wished moment of rest you so desire during the daytime just can't seem to arrive. Yes? I feel you. 

  • Home duties

  • Entrepreneur tasks

  • Social media

  • Bathing

  • Eating

  • Breathing

It all feels like so much. And where's the time. Ohh soo gone.. 

I was just watching a YouTube video by Anita Wing Lee, about her taking a break from it all and all I could think of through it all was a vacation from everything sounds so enticing right now. 3 months away from technology, maybe this is what I need..

A cleanse.

We spend more than we should of our lives trying to get everything jam packed into our days. Into our nights, into our early mornings, we neglect the immediate effects it has on our body and our minds. Fatigue, emotional hunger, physical pain.. you name it. And right now I feel like the biggest culprit. 

"Physically, my body is in rest mode, but mentally, it's a chaos up there". Ever felt that way?

So what do you do? Ask yourself, 

  • Are my daily habits serving me right now? "and if it's not"

  • What can I do about it?

I had my second coaching call of a 10 week program scheduled in with my own coach today and I just couldn't show up. Mental exhaustion just wouldn't let me. AND it's OK to take a break.

p.s any of these are F.U.N & Relaxing

  • feed some birds

  • go outside

  • blow bubbles

  • go to the beach

  • spend time meditating

  • relaxing with a great thriller book

  • playing with your kids/nieces

  • laughing uncontrollably at silly jokes

  • having a nice lunch at a fancy restaurant

  • having a nice lunch at home on a beautifully set by you table

  • learning to cook using an actual cookbook

  • dancing

  • being free

  • laying down

  • simply doing nothing

You know..doing the fun self pleasurable things....

It's ok to realise when your self care is on the back burner "p.s. I wrote an entire post about this recently". 

We're human... MAN. Not machine. But MAN. 

Which means - we have the right to breath, eat, sleep, and all the other necessitates, if we choose to do so. Guess what, the other things, they can wait.

  • The overwhelm

  • The action steps

  • The hustle and grinding

They can all wait. So ask yourself...are you tired of doing it all? If so, why haven't you stopped??

Even for a minute?

Until next time. xx Menellia  



Hey darling, I have a gift for you today. The gift of awareness. I wanna know if you're stuck wondering...what am I doing wrong? How can I be the woman I secretly desire to be. Not too long ago I found myself at that crossroad. I was unfulfilled, stagnant and spent way too many hours in tears and confusion. And I broke that cycle. Wanna know what it is? Your Joy Factor!

Have you ever noticed how when you feel like crap your actions follow the same suit? Well what if you could shift that? You can.. in a few simple tweaks, you will notice how your energy, emotions and actions begin to represent the lifestyle you desire to cultivate.

To spice things up a bit I've created a 30-minute coaching call called "discover your joy factor" where I share with you 3 small yet powerful steps you can start implementing in your life today in order to elevate your mood & your life. p.s “You Also Receive A Special PDF Playbook”

You can become the woman you need to be for your future self. It's completely doable and extremely rewarding.. p.s. you may need a glass of rose to enjoy this blissful chat.