The Importance Of Keeping An Empowering Female Circle

Hey ladies, 

So I decided to change the name of "The Personal Development Cafe Podcast to The HIgh Styled Life Cafe" as my brand grows. Today we will be covering the importance of keeping healthy relationships and how they support you into creating the success you desire as women. 

As women, we never stop socialising. As we grow we meet new women and we begin to adopt some of their characteristics as the months and years prolong. Thus, it's super super important to ensure that these budding relationships "or even existing" are stimulating growth, and leading you into becoming the woman you desire to become. 

They say toxicity breeds toxicity, and that's a fact. And as women, why fight with each other, why bring down each other, why be negative towards each other when we have been fighting for hundreds of years for empowerment. Right?

The Importance Of Keeping An Empowering Female Circle.png

In today's episode, get ready to understand why both sides of the spectrum "positive & negative" in female circles are very important in creating a high styled life!Personally, I firmly believe that women are to supposed to be uplifting, inspiring and not the other way around.. and I speak from being on the negative side of the spectrum and how much difference it makes flipping the switch....

p.s. we dive deep so do grab some wine & a comfy spot before hitting play....

Wanna engage more on the topic, start a conversation below or come on over inside The High Styled Society for empowering women!! 

xx Menellia

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