The Unique Art Of Balancing Work And Life...

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"The adrenaline and excitement of creating your blog or business, was sky high on the onset, but two months into it, maybe less or more, you’re beginning to feel the woes. The fatigue, from shifting from a 9-5 day at the office to having some personal time after (be it a workout, TV etc.) and jumping right into your business! And you find yourself questioning “why am I doing all this”. Well, you can quit, but quitting is easier than sticking it out, as well as equally lame. How did you expect you were going manifest your vision? As with everyday life, you need to sacrifice. Sacrifice Time; Sacrifice Sleep; Sacrifice a Social Life maybe…. Or so you would think.In my 5 Things Blogging Has Taught Me PostI mentioned how creating this platform has taught me how to focus my energy better. The tip here is managing your time wisely and prioritizing, which admittedly takes practice, especially when it’s so so easy to become distracted in this technological age. Today I will share with you a few things I like to do in order to stay on the grid and maintain my focus. 


We all have 24 hours in a day, what YOU choose to do with it is up to YOU."

Subtracting an approximate 9 hours from my day I am left with about 15 to do with whatever I wish. That’s FIFTEEN hours to either create something awesome or waste it away!! Mommy’s, I Salut you!!!"


  • I create an after work calendar!! This could be a monthly or weekly one. By doing so, I ensure that I allocate enough work out time, (I love a toned body, and, enough ME time, as well as Blog Time, and of course Rest. I love allocating my weekly slots, in terms of posting, networking and engaging, researching, reading and working on projects etc etc. Hence, I don’t miss out on important blogging factors or opportunities. Now I admit that there are days when your body just needs to skip all the scheduling and rest, and I advise you to listen to it.Don’t get too comfy now though and make it habitual.. There’s a difference.” Also remember to leave some flexibility in your calendar; after all we are only human.

  • Go to bed one hour earlier than you usually would!! That way, you will ensure that you get enough sleep, in order for your body and most importantly your brain to function effectively the following day. The aim of this is to ensure that you wake up one hour earlier, without feeling OMG 5.A.M!! But rather YES 5.a.m. During that hour- check your emails, (the important ones- don’t go through the distracting ones like “hey you forgot something in your cart”, because you might end up on Zara’s site or something), respond to emails and draft and pitch ones you need to. You can also do this at night if you are a night crawler and not an early riser, but make sure you leave a good enough timeframe between bedtime and blog work time (ever gone to bed and your mind just won’t shut up??) Most times it’s because you did not present yourself with “adequate relaxing mode time, in order for your brain to quiet itself”. During the morning hour, I also like to take the time out to check out my subscribed blogs, read a few posts, engage, as well as share my posts via social media platforms. Note I also do this on evenings provided that time permits.

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  • Some things are more important than others!! Well that’s a given but we sometimes fail to realize that, therefore putting the most important ones at the top of the lists helps with the time management process as well. Ok, let’s say you’re at work, and you suddenly have an idea. Don’t stop what you’re doing; take company’s time and go blogging my dear. Writing a post takes time, effort, and a few reads, edits etc.. (which by the way, can run into hours). Quickly draft down your idea on a piece of paper or notepad and move on. During a quick break, revisit that idea, draft some key points you will further elaborate on later. Get a blog notebook and ALWAYS ALWAYS, carry it with you. It can be a mini one, or a big one; it’s your preference. The worst thing that can happen is you loosing that golden idea. Tip: Keep all blog related urls and passwords in said book, because these can come in handy on the go.

  • Tying in to the aforementioned tips, scheduling your posts is another great way of keeping on track!! I never used to schedule or pre-draft my posts until recently actually, but I have found that it saves me so much time. On weekends, when I have some free ME time, I use it to develop post ideas, and write them down in my handy dandy notebook. After that I transfer these to my blog into scheduled posts for the week. That way if something comes up (because that’s life); my blog doesn’t suffer. Try to always have back up material ready to go, by the click of a virtual button. Even though it’s one!!

These are just a few of my go to strategies as well a good couple cups of coffee! How do you juggle the work-blog life? Let us know in the comment section below. Until next time.. xx Menellia


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