now You can learn how to finally set goals you actually want to create…

so that you can no longer beat yourself up from disappointment!


Ava said…

“I was able to identify areas in my life which were serving as energy zappers & that were draining me and preventing me from moving forward with my goals. I love that the content given can be used and revisited in the future and I’m now creating my best life. Menellia was incredibly sweet and such a good listener, incredibly down to earth and so much fun to work with!

— Ava Antoine


does this resonate?

You're frustrated because you know that you're meant for more in your life but you're energetically stuck in your journey

You'd love to live out your true passions and use your strengths to create impact no matter what anyone else thinks  

You feel broken, depressed, lack self-esteem, confidence and very disappointed with how your life turned out

You're tired of putting everyone else’s dreams and needs above your own and you want to change that deeply

You have big goals & desires but the doubtful voice saying "as if" seems BIGGER so you never pursue them  

You desire to create more wealth and abundance in your life without the constant guilt or shame

If You Checked Even 1 Of These…Then Say Bonjour To

Your Desires

A 2 hour boot-camp to set the RIGHT goals, so you can live your dream life in a meaningful way.

For Example…

Taking a Trip To Paris When Your Mind Says "I CAN NEVER Afford That"

Collaborating With Your Fav Brands,When You're Still A Small Blogger  

Launching Your Own Non-Profit After Overcoming Your Traumas  

Lunch At The Fancy Restaurant You Always Thought Was Too Expensive

Starting A Business When You Never Went To Business School

Learning A New Language,& Exploring New Cultures

Living Your BEST Live Without Apology..

Something even wilder..

Well Here’s An Easier Way I’ve Found To Make That Happen…


This Atelier Access Pass Contains…


A 30 page playbook consisting of deep dive play journaling questions for more alignment

I will walk you through how to conduct a wheel of life assessment with confidence & fun

A bonus meditation & 10 minute ascension prayer & 1 bonus recommended reading list

One 1 hour audio coaching call guiding you through the manifesting framework

Practical & easy to implement mindset & strategy tips & technique

One 22 minute Vision Board creation video class


Salut, I’m Menellia…

Life coaching.png

5 Years Ago, I Thought That I Would Never Get To Experience Life. I Was Going Through A Quarter Life Crisis & Thought That My life Would be Exactly Just That. Struggle, Emotional Drain, Stuck In A Purposeless Path, Massive Unending Scarcity…

Fast Forward To Today, I've Enjoyed The Luxury Of Travelling To My Now Favorite Places Including Paris & Other Caribbean Islands, I've Worked With Some Of The BEST Master Coaches On This Planet, Built A Thriving Coaching Business From Scratch With No Money, Whilst Still In My 9-5 & Worked With Hands Down Some Of The Most Amazing Women Globally In Helping Them Manifest Their Own Sexy Desires!


If I can Do This…
So Can YOU

“& I’m not just saying that”

You Will Walk Away Knowing How To Begin 

"Clarifying the ideal lifestyle & goals you're desiring and deciding what you get to create in this moment."

"Setting your intention for your desires, clarifying your core values and acknowledging where you are right now"

"Creating space for bringing in your ideal reality, & letting go of any blocks, fears, traumas blocking your manifestation"

"Understanding your current money story and wealth mindset and cultivating a healthier more abundant one"

"Learning to activate inspired action towards your desires with more alignment and flow"

Access Inside

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A 1 Hour Video Recording “with bonus audio version” - Taking action from anywhere "running, couch bumming, working". I made this as flexible as possible to that you can move with it.

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Interactive Workbook- Find your clarity through journalling prompts and deep dive questions set in this bonus workbook as you discover your new money story, continue to up-level

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Secure Log In Access - This bootcamp content is housed in a secure space area that can only be accessed with your unique password.



“I Had a light bulb moment. This session made me realize that anything is possible with the right mindset. Her session was very inspiring. She makes you embrace you as an individual. Her positive demeanor shines right through you. This stood out throughout the session.” —
“Thanks for refreshing my energy and awakening my motivation again, when I hear you I release all the bad and I cling to your word of love. A great pleasure to have spoken to you today and hope to meet you in person in the future.”
— A Bayot - Venezuela
Wow these past 48 hours have been pretty intense for me..Lots of tears, reflection, journaling..I’m getting more clarity on my true desires (not what is popular to do or to have in order to be considered successful). I also see what is blocking me from living the life that I want. Yes feeling out of alignment feels HORRIBLE. I’m happy I have released a lot of frustration. I’m ready to create success in my life, my on sweet way.
— Binetou Diagne - Senegal
It was a wake up call for me.It made me feel alive, it made me so that it’s good to take a risk and that I should try new things.It make me realise that I am no longer a “kid” and allowed me to make up my mind on what my next step in life was. The experience was awesome “food, clothes, and feeling good about myself” Before I didn’t care! So happy that I got to experience it because now, I’m beyond self-aware & happy!
— Kelma - Saint Lucia


I’d ask you to trust me on this but hey, I’d rather you decide for yourself! If you’re anything like me, you’re ready for your year of YES!

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