Inspiring You To Make Your Life & Home Beautiful || BY MENELLIA VALCENT

I'm Menellia, a digital lifestyle content creator and blogger on a journey to challenging myself to slow down, as I explore the second half of my 30s, WHILST inspiring you to seek more intention in your life.

After years of being a workaholic, constantly exhausted, and watching my life pass by, I decided to become a life coach, only to repeat the cycle of BUSY. 

2020 lent some reflection and aha moments, where I needed to make life-changing decisions from relationships, self-care, and work.

With a thriving career, but a business that was beginning to drain me, I had a moment where it clicked. Turn it into a lifestyle blog and use my expertise navigating the life coaching world, and building a career: into a more inspiring approach to doing what I love.

This space & my YouTube channel is a playbook filled with practical ideas, guides, and inspiring stories, to help you brace life, and the present moments through lifestyle, beauty, and home living. 

Grab some wine, and let's dive into understanding the art of balancing life full time. 

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You have a vision, but the pain and depletion seem to always lead the way. Which keeps you feeling stuck, forgotten, and what feels like torture.

You're hiding in your behind your dreams instead of activating them. You're accepting mediocrity in relationships, work & your self care. You have an ugly relationship with money & holding unto pennies for fear that you will suffer financially. And you're sitting on the sidelines waiting and watching whilst going to bed every night wondering what if?

What if you could create a better life for yourself? What if you no longer discounted your rates? What if you dared to be available for more wealth, health, happiness, and freedom in your life?

You want newness. Open a new chapter. But fear overwhelms every time you choose to take a step forward because it's been your blueprint for decades. 

Here, you will not only receive inspiration but effective guidance & tools to unlock your new life and your new world.

Here you will feel supported on your course of connecting the gap between where you are now & where you want to be, without pressure.

Are you ready to navigate your new compass? START WITH THE 4 STEP BLUEPRINT. "CLICK HERE"!

You're Now The Driver's Seat!

your journey up until this point might have not been the best...BUR

Founded in 2021

I believe in living life to the fullest.

I advocate the use of positive thinking, feeling & being

I work as a B2B marketing manager in the tech industry

I reside on the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia.

I’m more of a dark chocolate lover vs white or milk.

I have a thing for sipping wine with cafe jazz in the background

I much rather indulging a 1945 classic over what's trending in HD.

I'm currently brushing up on my French Language Skills, after taking a 2 year break. 

My daily pleasures include Cafe Jazz in the evenings, too many scented candles, French wines, & satisfying my wanderlust, even if it’s a virtual trip to a Paris Perfect apartment.

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I'm Menellia

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