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Budget Friendly Ways To Upgrade Your Home




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Have you been thinking of upgrading your home, making it look expensive, or adding some beauty to your home? Want your house to look like a custom home without spending a lot of money? These seven tips are easy to implement ways to upgrade your home even on a budget.

Keep it clutter free and always clean.

The simplest and most budget-friendly way to upgrade your space is by decluttering. Eliminate all unnecessary or old things, organize your storage and make it as clean as possible. If you’re on a super tight budget or have no budget at all, start there. Go through all your jars, cupboard, bathroom, closets, and pantries, and spend some time cleaning and creating space. You would be surprised at how much you do not need. These organization basics from Amazon will come in handy.

Pick your color palette.

One of the best things I did when designing my apartment was to pick a color palette. I wanted to create a luxury feeling without splurging too much or changing my furniture too soon. Whether you love minimal, rich tones, warm tones, or bright colors, find a color palette you love and design your space around it. Use Pinterest to help you find inspiration as I did with also my furniture & linens.

Go for high quality linens

Speaking of linens, I know it’s easier to buy the cheaper and lighter pieces; however, this is one area you want to splurge on quality. 90% of my curtains and sheets were purchased over 6 years ago, and those I’ve changed I gave to my sisters because I wanted to change my palette – or got tired of the color. Find 100% cotton, hemp, linen, silk, and velvet-made pieces for your linens for an upgraded look and feel that will last a long time. Shop these pieces below.

High Quality Furniture

My furniture has been the priciest investment in my apartment and will most likely be yours when you first move. Just like your color palette, choose an aesthetic for your furniture pieces to match. Since I went for a luxe yet vintage French feel in my living room space, I opted for a navy blue rich-toned butterfly-armed and tufted sofa.

The sofa plays the accent from which everything else flows. I chose brassy tones for my side tables and dining set and went country chic for my bedroom. Instead of simply buying pieces because they look cool or trending, find a theme to match your color palette and work with them. It will bring your room together beautifully, and you will not regret – wasting money.

p.s. this video ties together the 7 simple ways to upgrade your home if you prefer to watch from here.

Adding accessories to upgrade your home

I’ve loved flowers and scents since 2015, and it’s been one of the surefire ways of elevating the mood in my apartment. I also believe that the beautiful books, not just coffee table books and background music like café jazz, emit a luxe atmosphere if you’re in a tiny studio or a three-bedroom home. It’s all about making your space your space, using simple elements you love. For me, that is the above, but you may love plants, paintings, and art.

Discover the one thing that makes your home feel luxurious, not in a pretentious way, but in a way that defines your essence. And if you can’t afford the higher-priced wall art, get something beautiful yet affordable. If you can’t do real flowers, find a beautiful bouquet such as this one or this one from amazon to add a little bit of pleasure and beauty.

These are a few ways to upgrade your space on a budget. By the way, are you looking for a great apartment guide as a first time renter? Read this post next.


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