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Happy Wednesday Ladies, welcome back to another episode of the Elegant Success Cafe Podcast, I am  your lovely hostess Menellia Valcent, Lifestyle & Mindset mentor to women, and my passion is to help you eliminate the fears, blocks the traumas that are keeping you stuck in scarcity in order to create a lifestyle of bliss and ease and grace. 

Today, we have a very special guest, Tiffany Gnaly from Norway, a mindset coach for women who helps women love themselves more, get that confidence they need and really helps them elevate themselves from scarcity to thriving.


Introduction- Tiffany & I met like 4 months ago and we immediately clicked. We have mastermind calls & I really love that she's able to express herself freely and inspires other women to do the same. Tiffany, tell us a bit about what you do and why you're here on this planet, What is your purpose. 

Tiffany - "Thank you for the introduction. Amazing. I am a coach and I feel like my purpose on this earth is to really gather women into this creative good, safe space and help them become confident as fuck "can I swear", ummm to be confident as fuck, to be sexy and to live their true purpose without letting anyone else pushing them down." 

Menellia- "Yes. I find that there are so many women who are apologizing for what they want, how they wanna leave and they keep themselves in this box. And I know that when you started, you had had enough. Tell us about that experience. How did you know that you had had enough with staying in that space where it was not serving you? What was the moment that you had that allowed you to say you know what, I am no longer available for this? I want more, I want to push myself forward..what was that moment like for you?"

Tiffany- "Ok, so it started when I was 18, I moved out of my mom's house and into my ex boyfriend's house and um I really just have always had this passion for having more in my life, More money, luxury, travelling, and to really just living my true purpose. But at the time I didn't know what that was, or how to get there, or how much I wanted to get there so it took me about 5 more years to figure out that ok, right now you have to something with your life. And the situation that was really a breakthrough for me, was when I met my current boyfriend who I really wanted to spend the rest of my life with and I realised that ok, I can't just keep staying emotional, feeling drained, feeling like I'm just wandering around like a robot in my life. And I really, I took that out on him, so it was a lot of pain, a lot of anger and a lot of fights and uh that got me to like ok " you have to just push through girl and I just invested in a coach and it was the best decision of my life" 

Menellia- I love that. You know, I love this quote by Anais Nin, and today I had a session on my page and I was talking about we get so comfortable, it's just so normal for us, we tell ourselves, it's just a phase, everyone goes through it, it will pass until it comes to a point where it's like enough is enough. You wake up one day and you're like it's too painful to be remain where you are and actually taking the action step is so much less painful than we thought. So your story is kinda like a replication of that. You knew that regardless, moving forward was gonna help you increase your momentum and life for that matter. So how has your life been different now and compared to then. 

Tiffany - Wowww it's crazy. It's so much.. Like where should I start? The main difference is that right now I know where I'm headed. Before I was just wandering through life. I had this job I didn't want, and I dressed a  way I didn't want to, like everything was just a robotic life. Mirroring everyone around me. Like right now, I know exactly where I'm going, I know where I will travel next, I know the next year I will move to California, everything like that. I'm so confident in where I want to go and how I'm showing up for myself and other people. 

Menellia - "I love that! So you started your own business. You're 23 and you got the courage and confidence to start your own business which is very powerful. So tell us the moment where you realized that you no longer wanted to stay in your job, you wanted to inspire other women, you were like "I wanna be a coach"! What inspired you to do that?"

Tiffany - "Ok, so this is the funny story, because I stayed at Ummm, working in an aesthetic shop or make drugstore, and this boss was horrible, she was crazy, and what that led to was that she scheduled a meeting for me to get fired. I never thought that would happen to me. So at this meeting, I told her well I'll just quit myself because on my resume it would look bad if I got fired blablabla. And then what I did, I went to study at a skin therapy school and I was just about to finish that school, and then I just started my business at a salon. That's how I started working for myself and I realised that this is really working, I loved my own hours, make my own money, so from that space, I thought of going into coaching because I was working with a coach and I thought this is so much more like what I thought my life would look like. To teach people to shift their mindset, to teach people how to find that purpose and to be confident. So I feel like it's the universe telling me that you have to get fired in order for you to start on your own. It's amazing."

Menellia - "That's so true. Sometimes we feel like life is supposed to be this way and then when we're in that space, we don't really see the creative opportunities to create something with our skills. And I was talking about this-this morning. Sometimes we just need that moment. It could be drastic, it could be something amazing, in order for us to connect the big picture. So yeah, I agree it was a universal sign and I'm glad that you got that sign very early."

Tiffany - "Yeah, it's crazy. I'm so glad that it happened though."

Menellia - "And how do you stay grounded every single day? I know that you're into spirituality and manifesting but what is your routine like every single day to stay grounded and connected to your goals, vision, and purpose. can you share with us?"

Tiffany- "Love this question. So umm a morning routine is that biggest change of my life. Just because it gets me to set the intention for every single day. So I thought that I should be doing every single morning and that I had to stick to my routine, but what I found was that I counted so much on it, that when I didn't do it, I didn't do anything for my business. We tell ourselves these rules that we have to do this, in order to stay good in our business. But it's not really true. You can create whatever you want whenever you want. So what I do now is, I wake up, I wash my face, and then I brew a cup of tea and then I meditate for about 10-15 minutes and during this meditation just breathing and focusing on letting yesterday go; and then I go into journaling. Journaling is sooooo freakinggg powerful. And I've loved so much from it too just journaling. It's crazy. So umm that most powerful thing in my routine is writing down a bunch of empowering I Am's and reminding myself of my purpose and my goals..So every day I write down what I'm doing the next day and today in order to reach my goals. "

Menellia - "I love that. I actually started my routine, last year January. I never knew about these. I used to wake up every day and rush through my morning, not having breakfast, jumping into the shower, going to work and I felt like it was agitating. Until last year I literally forced myself and created this space in my room; I had a couch, a coffee table, candle, my books and I woke up at every day to give myself that me time, connect with my goals, be more mindful, and set more intentional action. I think that if more women created that in their own lives, they would see a drastic shift for sure."

Tiffany - "Yeah. I think that's it's the key to get your life started. Because you then just set your intention for how you want to feel and how you want the day to go and umm the morning is amazing for that. "

Menellia - "If you had to give advice, umm I know in the beginning, it can be difficult to start a business because we're getting online and we're literally opening up ourselves to millionsss of people and the online space can be very overwhelming, very comparitive & competitive; how did you get the confidence to put yourself out there?"

Tiffany - "Wowww that's a big one. First I had to get to know myself, get to know who I was and how I wanted to show up. And then what I learned was that after watching everybody's content; you know "she's doing this and maybe I should do this" it's paralysis by analysis basically. We just consume everyone else's content and then suddenly think that it's our way to go but it's not... So really just finding your own path and choosing something that feels really good to you and it could be anything from just asking yourself the question - "like what can I do in my business that feels really good to me and then breaking it down. It's really just as simple as that. "


Menellia - "That is so true. Today I was reflecting and I was watching my goals board and I realized that I actually got everything on that list done. And I was reflecting and I was thinking when I shifted my direction in my business because when I started everyone was doing business coaching because it was the popular avenue. And I realized that not a lot of persons were doing mindset coaching or even lifestyle coaching. So I started to pay attention to what I was being navigated to, the accounts I was following, the pieces of training I was signing up for, and shifted, that was when the clients started to come. I got more confidence to show up more. So I completely agree, find something you're completely energized by and the path will roll out. Really check in with yourself. And that's why the morning routine is very powerful because you get intimate with yourself to see what feels good to you and how you can tweak things up. So I love that."

Menellia - So do you have any advice for any lady out there who is listening, as it relates to shifting from that space of scarcity? For example, your younger cousin came up to you, she's afraid, she's not confident but she wants to do something big but doesn't know where to start; what would be your advice for her?

Tiffany - "That's so funny that you said cousin because I actually have a cousin that is exactly like that. "Hi, Julie ". Advice for her, hmmm it would be to really, first calm down, and you know, I know people have a lot of ideas in their head; I wanna do this, this this.. my best advice would be to start someone and find something you can be really passionate about for one year of just 2 years. Don't think about your journey or business is something you have to do your whole freaking life. Because we change so much. And just start, Begin something. Start something. It doesn't have to be a major advice."

Menellia- "Do you have anything else you would like to share with that audience?"

Tiffany - "yesss, like I can't stress enough on how important it is to feel good in your own ways and to make sure that everything you do feels good to you and just go down that path. And yes it's not always easy, that's life. That's how it's supposed to be. We're supposed to learn from it. So if you hit a rough patch, just step back and ask why am I feeling like this, what can I learn from this and set your intention for the next day. "

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Tiffany Gnaly is a relationship coach Who Is

Super passionate about helping single women heal their past, own their sexy & date to find real love!

To connect with Tiffany, visit her via her website , on Instagram "right here".

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