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How To Find Your Profitable Niche To Start Selling With More Ease!

But here’s the reality… you don't need to speak like every Tina or Mary in your industry to have someone say YES to working with you.The truth is.. all we want is "for you to BE YOU", & I say you because I want you to think about your own buyers journey ..what connects you to that brand, coach, restaurant you buy from? It’s not because they’re like everyone else? You buy because there’s that special something that you’ve connected to and now you’re dying for a much more exciting experience. You’ve build trust, you refer and you keep going back for more because it’s so darn good! You buy because you want to feel experience that resonates with you....through copy, menu, web store front etc.

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I used to be the newbie who was OBSESSED with the number of subscribers I had, the number of followers I got, how many views on my videos...but then I got hit with the truthbomb that quantity doesn't matter!!Do you resonate?

There is a difference in teaching and selling your service with conviction. But first, are you confident that the audience you're speaking too is the ideal fit for what you would love to sell?

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