9 Time Management Tips To Get Shit Done The Next 6 Months Of Your Business

How do you go from a hot disorganized mess to consistently achieving your daily tasks one by one. Prioritizing my friend. Separate the NEEDs and the WANTs or in order words, TO dos from MUST DOs!! Must do's should be given HIGH priority, and the little to dos, you can get around to later on during spare time. 

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Here Are 9 Simple Yet Powerful Tips To Support You:

  • Write your most important activity aim first thing in the morning. That way you wrap your head around what's really important from dawn. It can be very easy to get distracted by emails news and entertainment in the morning. Instead, focus on creating your schedule for the day so that when you're ready to get to work, the system is already set.

  • Write down your MUST dos & of course write down your to dos.Then take action on your MUST do's first. This will ensure that you get the important tasks out of the way first

  • Give yourself some motivation. A why should I complete this today.  If you are randomly ensuring a task, motivation will not be present to tackle it head on. Which  will lead to procrastination and time wastage. Be clear on the outcome of that task, and if it's not important, move on to the next. Don't waste time playing the ring around the rosie with it.

  • Batch up smaller tasks together so they form one, & get them done quicker. Time flies when you are "not" having fun. Have a bunch of similar related tasks?Combine them into one giant time slot and tackle them together. This will allow smooth transition from one to the next as your mindset is already focused on that group.

  • When undertaking tasks, remain focused on THAT tasks, Stay in the zone but

  • If you can't start yet alone focus on one for 15-20 minutes, move on to the next and return to it late.  (burning out and losing focus is worse than forcing to remain focused and losing time)

  • Curb Distractions.If you need a quick 5 mins break, take one and return to your task. Taking a quick break not only rejuvenates your body, but also your mind. This will revamp your focus and give you an extra push to work instead of sleep.

  • Schedule time for interruptions "When planning your day, make sure to leave at least an hour for interruptions, as they will arise". Instead of constantly checking your inbox and phone, turn off all distraction until that allocated time.And use it to get all your responses out during that time. Technology is our best friend, USE it wisely!!

  • During and at the end of the day, write down your notes. In case you have to follow up on anything later one. Sometimes, there will be tasks which overlaps into the following day, so make notes on where to continue from. Also try starting the day with tasks pending from your previous schedule. The quicker you get it done, the better and easier it will be to face.

And A Bonus A Few Tools You Can Use:

  • Use calendars - Printable, Electronic Or in Whiteboard form. 

  • Use a planner - Planners are a go to for the majority. Use a digital planner or a hard one if you love writing.

  • Use an Organiser App - Although the aim is to curb distractions from phones, some persons rather a palm planner. Currently I use Colornote on my phone for on the go, but when I'm in office I love using both Asana & Trello to maximize my productivity. These are both free & simple to use. 

  • Use daily worksheets or a day diary if you love breaking it down on paper.  If you love having one set of tasks carefully separated during the day . 

So how are you productive in your business? Are you strategising carefully or are you all over the place and don't really know where to begin.

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